Power Plate Exercise Equipment

Global Leader In Whole Body Vibration Technology

Bringing more than 15 years experience in whole body vibration training, Power Plate accelerates scientifically-established health and fitness benefits to deliver faster and longer lasting results.

Engineered to activate the body's natural reflexive response to vibration, Power Plate's vibrating platform moves 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles in a consistent, and controlled manner. (The vibrations move in three directions: up/down, forwards/backwards, and side-to-side.) As a result, Power Plate is able to accelerate training with high performance results, enabling anyone seeking greater fitness levels to achieve their maximum physical potential faster and more efficiently.

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Featured Users & Testimonials

Courteney Cox and Power Plate

Courteney Cox

"The Power Plate has dramatically changed my workout. I know that every muscle in my body is being ignited in ways that you can’t do with regular training. Its uses are limitless. I love this machine!"

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Evan Longoria and Power Plate

Evan Longoria

"Power Plate is critical to my strength and agility training. It has helped to significantly increase my core motion, bat speed and stability, which are key to my performance at the plate and in the field."

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Mark Verstegan and Power Plate

Mark Verstegen

Author and founder of EXOS, formerly Athletes' Performance, Mark Verstegen talks about why whole body vibration with Power Plate is critical to his program.

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David Ashford on a Power Plate

David Ashford

..."I use Power Plate before I run to improve my explosive power and balance. After a race I use Power Plate to recover. I find that recovery is critical and often overlooked. Power Plate works, and it brought me back to the top of the US Masters hurdlers list."

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News and Media

Power Plate Achieves NEAT Certification

Power Plate® Achieves NEAT™ Certification

CHICAGO – September 21, 2017: Power Plate® today announced it has obtained NEAT™ certification for its entire product line. NEAT™ is an acronym for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, developed by Mayo Clinic. Devices that meet certification criteria may showcase the NEAT™ trademark.

Power Plate® Becomes Official Fitness Technology Partner of The Northwestern University Wildcats

Power Plate® Becomes Official Fitness Technology Partner of The Northwestern University Wildcats

Partners Will Work Together on A Series of Cross-Promotional Initiatives with University's Athletic Teams

Featured Video

Power Plate Move-of-the-Week | Next Level Pushups

It’s time to take your pushup game to the next level! Do exactly that with this week’s #moveoftheweek using the dynamic duo of Power Plate and @SKLZ.