Clint Eastwood
Award Winning Actor and Director
Verified Power Plate Customer
Many things come and go in this industry but the Power Plate machine is here to stay. It is a fast and effective way to stay in shape. Power Plate is a fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible.
Serena Williams
U.S., Australian and Wimbledon Tennis Champion
Verified Power Plate Customer
On tour, playing back to back matches is tough on your body. Being ready the next day is the difference between winning or losing. If I can accelerate the recovery and healing process, I have a definite advantage. With my Power Plate, I have that advantage.
Morgan Freeman
Oscar Winning Actor and Director
Verified Power Plate Customer
Exercising on the Power Plate machine really does work. Having seen the results for myself, I'm now a believer.
Erik Helland
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chicago Bulls
Verified Power Plate Customer
The Power-Plate machine has proven to be a very effective and popular training modality with our players and has demonstrated impressive results even after a short period of use - increasing their strength, flexibility, metabolism and circulation. All of our players are reaping benefits from using the Power-Plate - improving their speed/quickness, jumping ability, balance and coordination...The Chicago Bulls fully endorse this product.
Dr. Hilary Jones
GP Doctor and Health Expert for The Sun on Sunday
Verified Power Plate Customer
I have used the Power Plate machine both for fitness training and for remedial sports treatments such as shin splints, muscle stiffness, over exercise, backache and groin strain, and have been really impressed with it...I am also planning to introduce Power Plate training to my mother who suffers from osteoporosis.
Hilary Swank
Oscar Winning Actress
Verified Power Plate Customer
Grant Roberts, my trainer for Million Dollar Baby, suggested I get a Power Plate because my schedule doesn't always allow the time I would like for exercise. I love that with the Power Plate, I can get a full workout at home in next to no time. I really am impressed with the machine's ability to target and recruit specific muscles and improve my flexibility at the same time. It just feels good.
Elle MacPherson
Supermodel, 5 Cover Appearances for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Verified Power Plate Customer
I love my new Power Plate. Even after only 2 weeks on Power Plate I can already see a difference in my legs and stomach. It is really working, everything seems so much firmer. I love the fact that I can see results in such a short time with such little effort!
Lead Singer from The Police
Verified Power Plate Customer
The band must be in peak physical form to withstand the demands of daily travel and nightly performances. The Power Plate is that key component in helping us feel and look our best. Taking it on the road made a big difference.
Brian Nguyen
Mark Wahlberg's Personal Trainer
Verified Power Plate Customer
We vary Mark’s routines, but Power Plate has been a constant element of his regimen for the past five years because it gives us noticeable results in less time.
Dr. Dennis Sall
Verified Power Plate Customer
It has been nine months since my first introduction to the Power-Plate and its concept of whole body vibration. Like most, my initial impression was that of skepticism. After reviewing the forty plus years of research and experiencing it first hand, I was sold! Today, the Power-Plate is the most utilized piece of equipment in my office. It runs continuously throughout the day, 6 days/week.”.
Peter Gallagher
Film and Television Actor Starring on “The O.C."
Verified Power Plate Customer
Hit a big bucket of balls, play 18 holes, get stuck in traffic on the way home and get out of your car like a hundred-year-old man. Sixty seconds on the Power Plate and you’re good as new. No kidding. It sounds improbable, but feeling is believing.
Stevie Nicks
Lead Singer, Fleetwood Mac
Verified Power Plate Customer
I think the Power Plate is the fountain of youth!
Nikki Waterman
Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Newspaper Columnist
Verified Power Plate Customer
As a professional fitness trainer, I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting fitness solutions that are sustainable and achievable for anyone, whatever your age or fitness level. Power Plate® training is the ideal way to fit a fast and effective workout into a hectic lifestyle... It’s every busy woman’s best friend!
Natalie Imbruglia
3-Time Grammy Nominated Singer
Verified Power Plate Customer
I really love the Power Plate. It saves me so much time, and provides me with a more focused workout that really gives results. I know I am getting toned and fit in a fraction of the time.
Sir Clive Woodward
Head Coach of the England National Rugby Union Team
Verified Power Plate Customer
As a coach I am always searching for edges in performance. My teams and I have several years experience with vibration training, and I know the players and staff feel it truly makes a difference.
Ledley King
UK Professional Soccer Player on the England National Team
Verified Power Plate Customer
Training on the Power Plate machine has made my rehabilitation quicker and easier than usual, and has made a significant difference to my recovery. I’ve also found the Power Plate to be a great tool for warming up and stretching before matches, as well as for post match recovery and massage.
Craig Barlow
PGA Tour Player
Verified Power Plate Customer
I have been bothered by various injuries throughout my career on the PGA TOUR. Because of this I started using the Power Plate to improve my flexibility, increase my strength and rehab a wrist injury... I’ve decided to make the Power Plate a key component of my ongoing fitness, conditioning and rehabilitation routine from here on out.
Mike Weir
PGA Tour Golfer, Winner of the Masters
Verified Power Plate Customer
It is amazing how fast and easy the Power Plate was able to loosen up my hips and back. I need one for my house.
Rachel Weisz
Verified Power Plate Customer
In my job, it is important I always look my best. With a busy schedule, it’s not always easy to find the time to exercise. With the Power Plate, I can now do a quick full body workout at home to suit me. It is so quick and easy and I can see and feel the results.