Warm Up. Train. Recover.

Power Plate is a multi-functional, full body training tool that optimizes space by providing everything for PT, Small Group Training or a self-led workout in the same spot. Members can do everything on Power Plate, for an effective solution to warm up, work out and recover all-in-one. Enhance member experiences and catalyze results to change lives and grow your business

Why Should I Integrate Power Plate Into My Facility?

Grow Personal Training Revenue

The all-in-one training tool for increasing engagement, results and retention. Power Plate adds value to personal training and creates exclusivity within the club to effectively increase PT revenue.

Increase Membership Revenue

Creating tiered membership plans to allow access to Power Plate is the perfect solution for adding value to higher cost plans while providing the experience that commands it.

Elevate Club Experience

Power Plate provides exceptional experiences from warm-ups and work-outs to recovery and massage, effectively creating differentiation to help you remain competitive.

Small Group Training

Power Plate provides the perfect solution for operators to create a unique, results driven small group training environment to drive client engagement and create revenue growth.


Why Vibration Therapy?

Power Plate's PrecisionWave™ Technology Helps You: 

Recover Faster

Reduce Pain

Increase Strength

Increase Circulation

Improve Core Strength

Activate More Muscles

Improve Flexibility

Improve Bone Strength

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