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SKLZ Pro Kit
SKLZ Pro Kit
SKU 62PG-802-00
$349.00 (USD)
Compatible with these Power Plate machines
Personal Power Plate, my3, my5, my7, FitStop, pro5, pro5HP, pro6+, pro7, pro7HC
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Product Details
When you’re ready to step up your Power Plate game, just add some accessories. We’ve partnered with SKLZ to bring you the best in fitness accessories to compliment your Power Plate training program. The SKLZ PRO Kit provides all the essentials and more for fitness, sport, and recovery. If you’re looking to go PRO, this is the kit for you.

What's Included:

  • Training Cable Light (30-40 LB) w/handles
  • Training Cable Medium (50-60 LB) w/handles
  • Training Cable Heavy (70-80 LB) w/handles
  • Cable Components - Universal Anchor
  • Cable Components - Chop Bar
  • Cable Components - Universal Cuff
  • Mini Bands 3 pack - Yellow/Red/Black
  • Travel Barrel Roller
  • Med Ball 8-LB
  • Super Sandbag
  • Stability Ball (65cm)

Product Specification Sheet

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