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Power Plate® Workout For Runners

Runners are renowned for not wanting to spend time on gym-based strength work, core stability exercises and stretching, preferring instead to ‘just run’. Runners are also renowned for regularly succumbing to injury. Runners will be pleased to hear the secret to avoiding injury and recovering quickly between runs does not lie in spending hours lifting weights or lying on gym mats easing out every muscle. Just 10 - 12 minutes, two or three times a week on Power Plate will do the trick.

Running can cause your muscles and joints to become stiff and sore. Every runner is different, but typically the most common problem areas are:

  • Muscle tightness in the calves and glutes caused by the repetitive patterns of running
  • Limited ankle and hip joint mobility caused by restriction and tightening of the muscles and connective tissue around ankle joints and the surfaces of the feet (plantar fascia)
  • Tightness in the front hips – often caused by overuse of the front hip muscles – quads, psoas and Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) as a result of dysfunction in synergy with the more powerful muscles on the back of the hip (hamstrings and glutes). In addition extended periods of sitting, for example at a desk at work, can lead to restriction and limited extensibility in the front hip area

Perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds and move straight on to the next one. For best results, perform after a preparatory walk on a treadmill and/or some functional flexibility (stretching) exercises as required using Power Plate.

1. Forward lunge hold with overhead reaches - Areas targeted: hip mobility

Begin in a high lunge position with the ball of your rear foot resting on Power Plate and your arms extended overhead. Engage the glutes and push the hips forward slightly while driving the hands rhythmically overhead, returning to the start position each time. Repeat for the allotted time. Change leg positions and complete another set.

2. Standing Dynamic Calf with side-to-side knee driver - Areas targeted: foot, ankle and calf mobility

Lift one leg up and out to the side, with the hip and knee bent to 90 degrees, holding the handles for support. Keeping the back leg straight, drop the heel slightly to feel a stretch in the calf. Bring the bent leg across your body to the other side, then back. Repeat rhythmically in a comfortable range for the allotted time then switch leg positions and complete another set.

3. Step over with single arm overhead hand driver - Areas targeted: balance and lateral mobility and stability

Stand on the center of Power Plate with your left foot lifted slightly, your right knee soft and your right arm extended straight upwards. Bring your left leg across to the right, leaning your upper body to the left. Return to the start and repeat for the allotted time then complete another set on the other side.

4. L shape squat into T shape standing position - Areas targeted: hip mobility, quads and glutes

Stand on the left side of Power Plate, your left foot in line with the edge of the base and the right foot turned in slightly, with hands on hips. Step to the right, bending the hips and knees to come into a pliƩ squat position. Straighten the legs and step back to the start, then repeat. Then step to the left and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

5. Single leg balance with forward/side foot reaches - Areas targeted: balance and core stability

Begin standing on your right foot, with your knee bent slightly and left leg lifted, hands on hips. Reach your left foot to the front, pause briefly and return to starting position, then perform reach to the side in the same way, returning back to the start position, Continue, alternating front/side for the allotted time then perform another set with the right leg.

6. Single leg squat with cross-body handle hold - Areas targeted: quads, glutes, core stability

Begin standing on your right foot, with your left foot lifted, squat down to a self-selected comfortable position, bringing your left hand towards your right foot to grip onto the strap. Maintain position while pulling on the handle keeping the arm extended for the allotted time, then perform another set on the other leg.

Functional Flexibility (Stretches) and soft tissue release for runners – hold for 30-60 seconds on each leg

1. Anterior Hip Side to side Reach - Areas targeted: hip flexors

Begin in a forward lunge position, with your back leg resting on Power Plate. Take your arms overhead and move your hips forward. Perform a rhythmical reach with the hands, keeping the arms extended from side to side, allowing the hips to move naturally. Perform continuously throughout.

2. Calf Stretch - Areas targeted: calves

Stand with the balls of your feet resting on a semi-circular foam roller. Lean forwards to take hold of the handles, keeping your back straight to feel a stretch in the calves. To add movement to this stretch, drive the hips rhythmically forward and backwards, side to side and left and right rotation, alternating each direction throughout.

3. Calf Stretch - Areas targeted: calves

Lay on your back with the backs of the calves resting on Power Plate.

4. Quad Roller - Areas targeted: quads

Lie facedown on the Power Plate with the middle of your thighs on the foam roller. Support your upper body on your elbows or hands (as comfort dictates) and roll slowly up and back. You can also bend and unbend your knee to change to change the intensity.

5. Piriformis Roller - Areas targeted: piriformis

Face forward and sit on the foam roller on your sits bones. Bring your right foot on top of your left knee. Then you shift your weight onto your right side. Turn on the Power Plate to the desired frequency and amplitude and roll the foam roller from below your sits bone to above your sits bone

6. Pigeon - Areas targeted: piriformis

Using a mat, place one glute & leg across platform, bent at a 45 degree angle. Use other leg for support. Lean into machine & keep chest up. Maintain neutral spine. Turn on the Power Plate to the desired frequency and amplitude.