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Wahlberg explained that while they were hanging out the pair of stars had been 'talking about fitness' and recovery and said 'I wanna gift you one [Power Plate Pulse]. This would be great for your recovery and everything else" He called the Pulse the "best massage gun out there" and wanted to share the love with Tom.

The Guardian reviews Power Plate in this exclusive. The author asks “Is it worth it?” and discovers that “25-minute Power Plate classes are equal to an hour and a half of weightlifting”!  Read More

The Power Plate Mini+ is included in the Techradar “2021 Work From Home Awards", calling it 'The best massage gun we've tested to date at TechRadar, and it's ideal for people working from home who may be feeling the stresses and strains of working all day at a desk.”'.

Power Plate was the focus of an article on E! Online today titled 'Power Plate: How to Combat Cellulite Just Like Demi Lovato, Eva Longoria & More Celebs' and features Power Plate studio, Platefit.READ MORE

The editor of the piece participated in the Platefit Boot camp Fit class and said: "After several rounds of jump squats, medicine ball lifts, and forearm planks, I walked out as exhausted and drenched in sweat as an hour at Barry's, but still had time to grab a juice from down the street before my 45-minute parking meter ran out."READ MORE

Power Plate is featured on Forbes.com in an article titled "Power Up Your Workout Like Celebrities and Professional Athletes With Power Plate". In the article, Contributor Meggen Taylor highlights the history, benefits, results and impact the technology has upon everyone, at all ages and all fitness levels along with multiple photos, videos and direct links to the Power Plate website and others...

The Mini+ is featured in the August issue of Men’s Fitness as part of their round up of “ high-tech tools to help you recover as hard as you train”.

Calling the Mini+ a standout among other massage guns for its size, they say it is “nicely compact and pleasingly quiet, and offers up to five hours of muscle mashing on a single charge”.

GQ includes the Mini+ in their massage gun roundup “The Best Massage Guns Will Soothe Stiff, Sore Muscles,” which is featured on the wellness page.

Ronnie Kublova, studio owner and magazine contributor, helps her clients gain lean, toned muscles with this exclusive workout routine utilizing the Power Plate. Read More

In an episode of The Ellen Show, Cher tells Ellen that she loves her Power Plate. Even with multiple projects happening, Cher still finds time to exercise. She admitted that she works out a lot, but not every day, to achieve her amazing physique.  Read More