How Power Plate Helps You Burn Calories

Somebody made this comment to us recently: "I believe that the Power Plate improves circulation. It's hard to believe that it helps burn more calories." 

We love questions/comments like this. 

Power Plate helps you burn calories in 2 different ways.   

1. When you use the Power Plate, your muscles are activated 1200 times every 30 seconds on an average setting.  This means your muscles contract this many times.  This burns calories. You'll find yourself getting thirsty, quickly, because your muscles are working so hard.

2.  When you use a Power Plate on a regular basis, your muscles will become stronger and more toned.  This will burn more calories 24/7.  In fact, there has been research done that compared people who did a calorie restriction diet and people who did the same diet plus Power Plate use.  The people in the Power Plate group lost weight and kept it off.   

So not only does Power Plate help you burn calories, but it'll help you build muscles that burn more calories. 

For many, it'll be the key to sustainable fat loss.    

How Does Power Plate Work?

Does it sometimes seem that the best health secrets are hidden in plain sight?  

Power Plate is one of these secrets. You might have seen these in the gym and walked past without knowing how or why to use it.  

What's interesting is that many of the best doctors and therapists have been using this exact machine to help their patients fix all kinds of problems. 

They have been improving the muscle and bone strength of their patients without drugs, supplements or painful exercise.

Including reversing some cases of osteoporosis, and also helping people out of chronic pain.

Using the Power Plate helps to improve strength, balance and proprioception. This is essential to help prevent falls, fractures, and disability as we age. Some people call it a “magical machine” because it is so easy and comfortable to use, but we don’t like that term because it is all very real science..  

It physically can bring you back to life.

How Does Power Plate Technology Work?

First of all it, is something that you sit on, stand on, jump on, lean on or lie on. There are big Power Plates that you see in the top gyms. There are small Power Plates that can fit in a small apartment and be stored under your bed.

This unique platform pushes waves of energy into your body in what many physical therapists call Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT).  It also aids in achieving a low body fat percent that is so essential to maximize healthspan. 

The platform produces 30 - 50 waves per second to gently and powerfully engage your muscles.  That’s 1800 times every minute that your muscles contract/relax on the lowest setting.

This is a big deal and the key to making your body work better than ever before. No matter what age.  

Here’s why...

Muscles and bones work hand in hand – when your muscles get stronger, your bones get stronger. Your balance improves, and the waves of energy also flow through your tendons, which sit between muscle and bones. These waves have a unique ability to strengthen tendons and muscles while enhancing their flexibility.   

A lot of pain we feel in our body is stored in tendons. Hard to massage by hand, the 1800 waves of energy flow through your tendons every minute. In a couple minutes you can be feeling a lot better. Whether you are a pro athlete or 98 years old, Power Plate can make your body work and feel better.  

Most pro sports teams have Power Plates in their training facilities. Most Equinox and Lifetime gyms have the as well..  

There are now great home versions of the Power Plate, featuring the same technology that top athletes, top trainers and top doctors use.

These are much more affordable, and come with a buy now pay later with a 0% financing option.

The Power Plate MOVE is by far the most popular home unit, and the Personal Power Plate is the most affordable.

What makes Power Plate Technology unique?

PowerPlate PrecisionWave™ Vibration is a unique technology that vibrates in all 3 dimensions simultaneously, not just up and down and side to side but forward and back too.

That means it can more effectively improve fitness and health when you perform traditional exercise movements on the machine. 

These waves increase the stimulatory stress on muscle fibers and bone--stimulating strength, bone density, hormonal function, collagen and enhancing fat burn and sex drive. Power Plate technology continues to be among the most researched in the fitness and health world.  

It is easy to “prove” that this technology works, because we all know exercise is good/great for us. Power Plate makes getting exercise easy and pain-free.

Until recently, Power Plate been an expensive technology used by the most expensive gyms, professional sports teams, physical therapists, hospitals and wealthy celebrities.

That has changed, and now everyone can have a Power Plate in their home for the price of a nice TV. And, most people don’t know this technology exists, and how effective it is.

Simple to use

Follow these three steps to get the most effective results with the Power Plate: 

  1. Plug it in and turn it on and start with a low setting for the first days or even month of use. Stand on it with knees bent in a slight squat, and let the vibrations flow through you, for a few minutes each day. As little as 2 days of use a week can give you the benefit
  2. Start doing bouncing-type dance moves and slight bending movements on the machine transferring weight from one foot to the other. Even simple “Tai-Chi” type movements can powerfully re-energize your body.
  3. Learn additional strengthening exercises that involve bending from the waist as you bend your knees a bit to reach down towards one leg and then the other standing up straight in between each bending reach.

The Power Plate also helps you feel better, and in less pain. That’s because the platform vibrates and “reflexes” your muscles 30-50 times per second, 1800 times a minute at the lowest setting. When your muscles reflex like this, blood penetration is enhanced, and everything warms up and loosens.

It’s a KEY to turning back the clock on aging—your fat goes down, natural growth hormone goes up, and it helps your bones get stronger. Some people pay $30,000 a year for artificial growth hormone injections, which are not the same as exercise-induced growth hormone (GH), to enhance tissue repair, muscle growth, and brain function. 

Using a Power Plate for a few minutes a day in the privacy of your own home can help bring almost every part of your body back to life.

It is well established that increasing Natural Growth Hormone increases collagen production. This means painful joints and knees can heal, and even prevent the thinning of aging skin.

Every system in your body can improve and heal, including key male and female sexual function hormones.  

The Power Plate MOVE gives you this unique technology at an affordable price. The smaller Personal is 35 pounds and was developed so that personal trainers can carry it to their clients homes. (Several pro golfers keep one the trunk of their car to loosen up before and after a round.).   

Power Plate technology can help almost anyone.  Click here for a deeper dive into the science and research behind Power Plate.   

Limited Time: Get a Free Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun With MOVE Purchase.  

A new review of existing research was published last month that shows how Whole Body Vibration (WBV) can help people with chronic lower back pain.

This is the most common pain condition in people. This review looked at 21 different studies that specifically looked at how WBV can be used to treat lower back pain.

The review provides a simple, straightforward conclusion.

According to Dr. David Jaimovich, MD, Global Medical Director, Performance Health Systems/Power Plate:

“It has been shown that WBV can effectively induce muscle activation in patients with Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) and therefore can be an effective adjunct to conventional exercise.

Plank or single bridge performed with Whole Body Vibration provides the best muscle performance.

If these positions are not able to be performed, then simply standing on the vibrating platform to get the benefits of muscle activation can be the first steps in improving chronic low back pain.

These beneficial effects are due to a combination of improved muscle performance, decrease in perceived pain, increasing muscle strength, proprioception and flexibility.”

The "10 Minute Beginner Workout" on this page, shows a set of exercises, including plank.  These will help engage your whole body, which helps support your lower back.

If you are new to our community and have not yet purchased a Power Plate, you can learn about the science here.