New Study Shows Relaxing Power Plate Workouts Deliver Measurable Metabolic Impact (Without Fatigue)

Power Plate continues to be among the most researched technologies in the entire fitness and health universe. The Harmonic Precision Waves delivered by Power Plate are unique in the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) space.  Power Plate is the global standard for WBV, as measured by institutional and consumer adoption.

This new study was conducted by a team of 9 researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. Faculty from the Medical School, Health and Sports Sciences, Rehabilitation and Food Sciences all participated. 

The study was conducted on a Power Plate PRO5, and was designed to measure the impact of very relaxing exercises on a metabolically challenged study group.

Key Findings:

The study showed that people with excess weight or weak joints could get a measurable “metabolic impact” without getting tired.

Most importantly, the increase in blood flow during the most “relaxing” postures helped to continually remove “fatigue substances” from the body.  

This is critical, because it shows (in a clinical study) that very overweight people as well people with weak joints can complete these exercises comfortably.

There are currently multiple studies at leading hospitals and universities being conducted in the US and around the world right now.  The common thread through all this research being conducted is that Power Plate is safe, effective and can help nearly everyone.   

What's great about this new study is that it helps show that even the simplest use of a Power Plate helps to stimulate your muscles/bones in a measurable way. 

When your muscles get activated 40 times a second this helps to use glucose/sugar for energy instead of storing it as fat.  Using a Power Plate can be as simple as standing on it for 9 minutes and doing some slight knee bends. 

As this study shows, People can use a Power Plate without getting tired.  It's almost the perfect tool to help ANYONE get through a "metabolic blockage."

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