Medical Grade Whole Body Vibration vs. Cheap Whole Body Vibration (What's The Difference?)

People tend to use the term "whole body vibration" loosely, to describe the entire category. Even we at Power Plate have been guilty of this. 

The reality is, however, that there is a tremendous difference in quality and user experience between the technology that Power Plate has perfected, and the technology that other companies are in the market with.

Regardless of price. 

The difference in technology is significant. 

Every Power Plate comes with an engine that vibrates in three dimensions/directions at once.  We call this "triplanar vibration technology." The waves of vibration/energy that are generated are precise and comfortable.   

Every other "whole body vibration" machine uses "teeter totter" technology where two pistons move up and down to create what is best described as "aggressive shaking."   

The difference is significant. Anyone who steps on a low quality whole body vibration machine and then steps on a Power Plate can feel the difference instantly. The harmony of the vibration. 

The difference in technology is what has driven institutional adoption of Power Plate's "Precision Wave" technology.  80% of pro sports teams, Life Time, Equinox, Mayo Clinic, NASA, European Football, Division 1 college sports training etc etc. 

Power Plate is the standard when it comes to professional and medical environments.  It has also become the standard for home and consumer whole body vibration. 

The introduction of the Power Plate MOVE created the most powerful and effective whole body vibration machine for home use.  It's the most powerful whole body vibration device that can easily be shipped to the home using conventional delivery (UPS).

Comfort and precision are the key for anyone using whole body vibration. And Power Plate is by far and away the leader in providing a comfortable and precise whole body vibration experience. (This is also why we are more expensive.)

Countless independent studies have validated the range of frequencies and amplitudes produced power plate for a wide range of conditions.

Cheaper and lower quality (non-triplanar) whole body vibration units are not selected for used in funded studies.

They lack any kind of medical certification or institutional credibility. Additionally,  the researchers cannot rely on the vibration to be consistently precise, which is obviously critical for empirical analysis.  For those of you who use Power Plate on a regular basis, how do you feel after? 

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