New Research Shows Whole Body Vibration Reduces Degenerative Knee Pain, Increases Physical Function

The core technology that Power Plate perfected is called Whole Body Vibration. It is now among the most researched fitness and health technologies out there. 

Whole body vibration sends waves of energy into your muscles, tendons and bones.  When muscles are activated, your body comes to life.

The energy from whole body vibration is enough to be the "key" that turns on the healing power of your body.

Especially if you are in so much pain that you can't turn the key.  This is where Power Plate's comfortable precision wave technology comes in. 

If you are to stand on a Power Plate and hold on, the 1200 waves every 30 seconds are going to help you knees feel better.  And then you'll be able to move more.  Imagine your body is a car. 

Power Plate is the key to turn it back on and getting moving down the road.  This is why our most popular plate is called the MOVE.   

The magic of Power Plate is that these 1200 vibrations every 30 seconds create a reflex response.  Your muscles react without you doing anything other than standing there. 

The response in your muscles is so significant that your body starts to create Natural Growth Hormone.  Power Plate helps your body create the response. 

You have heard that "movement is medicine." Whether it is knee pain, hip pain or any other joint pain, when your muscles start moving, your body starts to heal. 

This new research shows this.  559 different people were studied over 14 different trials.  

The collective results showed statistically significant reductions in pain scores among individuals receiving WBV compared to those in control groups.  When you are able to exercise, you are able to keep muscle and bone strong. 

If you can't move, your body is degenerating in slow motion.  It's literally the difference between living and dying. 

If you look at an MRI of a 40 year old who runs and compare it to an MRI of a 74 year old that runs, the two images can look identical.  You'll see plenty of muscle in the legs, very little fat and equal amounts of bone.

If you throw in an image of an inactive 74 year old, you'll see someone with much more fat, much less muscle, and less bone.   The risk of something bad happening to the inactive person is obvious. 

==>> As we age we have to stay strong, and find ways of working through the pain. 

It's literally use it or lose it.  There are so many voices out there giving you reasons to stay still, stay put.  We are taking the other side of the trade.  We are here to keep you at peak physical shape.  You can feel as good at 70 as you do at 40.   

Our top of the line home unit with a center console is the my7.  This goes up to 40 vibrations per second.  The pro7 which is the machine that you see at Lifetime and Equinox, goes up to 50 vibrations per second.  If you have an athletic family, the pro7 cam be an ideal tool to keep everyone in top shape.  Go to your nearest Lifetime Athletic and try it!


  • Excercise for 40 years, and power plate keeps me going strong by performing at peak optimal level high in the mountains.

    Lenia Leavell
  • Excercise for 40 years, and power plate keeps me going strong by performing at peak optimal level high in the mountains.

    Lenia Leavell

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