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The Power Plate Discover Workshop provides an introduction to whole body vibration training, so you can understand how Power Plate helps you Prepare Faster, Perform Better and Recover Quicker. Whether you are an individual consumer, fitness professional, movement practitioner or clinician, our goal is to empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to utilize Power Plate as a means to improve quality of life.

Step 1: Watch these 8 Modules

#1 Introduction

#2 Technology Science

#3 Movement Science

#4 Training: Prepare

#5 Training: Perform

#6 Training: Perform (Functional Strength)

#7 Training: Recover

#8 Medical Guidelines and Educational Pathway


Step 2: Watch these 2 Videos

Whole Body VS Targeted Vibration:What's the Difference?

Prepare—Perform—Recover: Movement Library

Step 3: Review This Presentation

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