Testimonial - Brenda O., Worland, WY


Brenda's words:

"I love my Move so much I took it with me on my two-week visit to Wyoming. I introduced it it my 78-year old dad who is a Polio survivor. While he breathes through a tracheostomy due to his paralyzed diaphragm and partially paralyzed vocal cords (which are floppy and impede his airway) he is otherwise fairly healthy. 


I must admit he was not interested in trying the PowerPlate but with a little coercion, I got him on it. 


During his third session I saw his eyes light up. He was seated with his feet on the Move, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. He has limited rotation due to a powered parachute accident which crushed his elbow and wrist. He was amazed at the feeling he had in his elbow. 


From that moment has been sold on the Move using it 2-3 times a day. He says that he has better feeling in the soles of his feet and he seems to be moving faster and more confidently." 

Brenda O.

Worland, WY