Erik Helland

"The Power-Plate machine has become an important training and injury/rehab device for the Chicago Bulls. The Power-Plate machine has proven to be a very effective and popular training modality with our players and has demonstrated impressive results even after a short period of use - increasing their strength, flexibility, metabolism and circulation. All of our players are reaping benefits from using the Power-Plate - improving their speed/quickness, jumping ability, balance and coordination. Additionally, Power-Plate has proved to be a good remedy to soreness and pain reduction, while accelerating the injury / rehab cycle. As Kurt Heinrich – a big fan of the Power Plate says: ‘you can feel stiff as a board but, you stretch on the machine and you feel loose instantly.’ I think that says it all. The Chicago Bulls fully endorse this product and have machines both at our headquarters – the Berto Center and at the United Center."

Erik Helland, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chicago Bulls