Dr Lynn Hardy

I have to tell you that the very first time I stepped on the machine I could feel it working, even on the lowest settings. Something was definitely happening. My husband was also anxious to try the Power Plate and I stood next to him to help him with the poses. He screamed throughout the whole ten minutes (imagine what the neighbors were thinking!), but afterwards, he said he felt as though he had been lifting weights for an hour straight. I’ve had my Power Plate for three weeks now and I can see a transformation taking place in my body, especially in my legs. All those squats and lunges I’ve been doing for years, are finally showing results from doing them on my Power Plate. My legs feel tight and firm. The abdominal exercises are firming up my mid-section and my arms are stronger than ever. I have a feeling that within a couple of months, I will be in the best shape of my life".

Dr Lynn Hardy, Naturopathic Doctor