Dr. Dennis Sall

"It has been nine months since my first introduction to the Power-Plate and its concept of whole body vibration. Like most, my initial impression was that of skepticism. After reviewing the forty plus years of research and experiencing it first hand, I was sold! Today, the Power-Plate is the most utilized piece of equipment in my office. It runs continuously throughout the day, 6 days/week. I’ve been able to increase my billable services and grow my practice faster than any other method. “Currently, the Power-Plate is my number one marketing tool that has been attracting prospective patients consistently each month. Once a potential patient or client experiences Power-Plate, they are hooked! Patient compliance is better than it’s ever been, they book appointments weeks in advance just for Power-Plate sessions. What’s most exciting is that I’ve found a niche in the community for a service not provided by any other chiropractor. The best business decision I ever made was incorporating the Power-Plate into my practice."

Dr. Dennis Sall, Chiropractor