"What is the difference between Power Plate and the cheaper vibration platforms?"

One of the most common questions we are asked is "What is the difference between Power Plate and cheaper vibration platforms?" 

The answer is that Power Plate has a completely different 3D tri-planar engine that vibrates your body in 3 dimensions at once. 

This is completely unique to the space, and this engine is what powers our "Harmonic Precision Waves."   

Other cheaper machines in this space have one or two "pistons" which go up and down, kind of like inside an engine of a car.  This simple motion is easy to produce, but it does not provide comfortable harmonic vibration. 

In fact, these cheaper machines do not really provide "vibration" in the technical sense.  The pistons shake the platform above them, and this is what the user experiences.  Many people are interested in whole body vibration now, more than ever. 

For those of you who have questions, we'd encourage you to TRY a Power Plate at a Lifetime or Equinox gym. Or enter your current location here to find a Power Plate near you.  The best gyms, doctors, hotels and therapists have/use Power Plate.  The best hotels are now installing Power Plates!

Once you experience the comfort of harmonic vibration waves from a Power Plate, this question will be answered for you. 

Power Plate feels good, and your body will want more.

Our body "craves" motion in 3 dimensions.  This 3D engine is able to help the waves penetrate deeply into your body. 

These powerful and precise waves feel good as they go into you.

Developing the Power Plate habit is probably the single best use of your time when it comes to getting and staying in shape.

One of the biggest benefits of Power Plate technology is this idea that it "does a lot of the work for you" in terms of exercise. 

The vibrations from the Power Plates help to stimulate the muscles to expand and contract. 

Blood moves around better. 

Your metabolic system improves, because your body gets conditioned really well.   

This leads to better fat loss, and this has been proven.