Power Plate Mini+ Wins The Techradar 'Work From Home Award'

The Power Plate Mini+ is included in the Techradar “2021 Work From Home Awards.”

Described as “Compact but solidly built, the Power Plate Mini+ is a portable massage gun that has real kick when you need it, but can also loosen tight muscles more gently than a full-sized version.”

The article continues with "The Power Plate Mini+ Massage Gun really fills a niche - small enough to be truly portable, but powerful enough to give a proper massage. It's genuinely useful to have by your desk when working from home and your shoulders are getting stiff, not just after a workout." And even calls it “The best massage gun we've tested to date at TechRadar, and it's ideal for people working from home who may be feeling the stresses and strains of working all day at a desk.”

The Work From Home Awards includes the best technology to help you work from home and celebrate the very best in home working gadgets and apps.