Power Plate Unveils First Whole-Body Vibration Equipment, Specifically Designed for the Medical Market

COLOGNE, Germany (April 3, 2014) – The first commercial vibration therapy machine designed specifically for the needs of medical and wellness facilities, the Power Plate® pro7 HC, was introduced today at the FIBO 2014 Global Fitness, Wellness & Health Expo. With medical practitioners around the world already utilizing Power Plate's patented vibration technology to treat symptoms of a wide range of chronic conditions, and speed recovery, the new Power Plate pro7 HC adds programming features to further enhance patient experience and practitioner efficiency.

Pre-programmed interactive videos on the Power Plate pro7 HC's built-in LCD touch screen walk patients and therapists through specific exercise protocols for alleviating muscle and joint pain, promoting neuromuscular activity, improving circulation, enhancing flexibility, supporting injury- or surgery-specific rehabilitation, and addressing symptoms of disease conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy, to hypertension. These instructional videos, combined with built-in mechanisms for real-time feedback and monitoring patient progress, allow technicians, and patients themselves, to take a more active role in the therapeutic process.

"One advantage of Power Plate vibration training in a physical therapy setting has always been its patient-friendliness" said Rich Colosi, DPT, FAFS, FMR, Senior Director of Medical Specialties and Education for Performance Health Systems. "Patients enjoy the comfort, can see results more quickly, and now, with the Power Plate pro7 HC's touch screen technology, are receiving real-time visual displays of their progress that help keep them even more committed to their therapy."

"Power Plate has achieved global recognition over the past decade as so much more than an exercise machine," said Lee Hillman, C.E.O. of Performance Health Systems. "The launch of the pro7 HC is a logical extension of our commitment as a company to the healthcare community and to harnessing advanced vibration technology for an ever-expanding range of health and recovery-related applications."

Other Power Plate pro7 HC enhancements include an integrated heart rate monitor, embedded multidirectional cables with touch screen tension adjustment, for upper body isometrics, and range of motion tracking.

Power Plate's scientifically-documented efficacy is based on a body's natural response to vibration, and centers on a patented dual-synch driven vibrating platform that triggers 30 to 50 reflexive muscle contractions per second. As the user's body works to regain stability, up to 95 percent of the body's muscle fibers become engaged in any single movement, significantly amplifying the effectiveness of any exercise performed on the plate. Research also shows that whole-body vibration stimulates the body's natural production of the regenerative growth hormone that maintains tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, energy and metabolism. For additional information on Power Plate whole-body vibration equipment, visit powerplate.com. The pro7 HC is scheduled for availability in May 2014 upon finalization of MDD certification.

Power Plate® is owned, manufactured and distributed by Northbrook, Ill.-based Performance Health Systems LLC, a global company delivering advanced technology solutions through its health and wellness equipment. In addition to its category defining Power Plate® line, the company has attracted international attention for bioDensity, a breakthrough osteogenic loading system which provides a non-pharmaceutical approach to bone loss and has been scientifically linked to exceptional bone growth among populations ranging from high-performance athletes to health-compromised seniors. To learn more, visit PHSGlobal.com.