Power Plate Shakes Up Workplace Wellness

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (June 16, 2014) – Beyond treadmill desks and medicine ball office chairs, the latest trend in workplace wellness may have employees shaking away their mid-afternoon productivity slumps. FitStop™, the newest programming enhancement to the Power Plate® 7-series line of whole body vibration exercise equipment, is a workplace-specific routine engineered to boost metabolism, energy and brain function in as few as three-and-a-half minutes.

Companies including Google, Bridgestone, Roth Capital, MAN Group, Sainsbury and Sheraton Hotels are already working out on Power Plate in their offices and employee fitness centers. Now, FitStop focuses the scientifically-documented regenerative effects of whole body vibration into a rejuvenating three-and-a-half minute workplace stretching session. The program, demonstrated in an easy-to-follow video on Power Plate’s built-in touchscreen computer, includes 60 seconds of a kneeling hip flexor stretch, 60 seconds of a seated cross-over stretch, and 60 seconds of a double leg hamstring stretch, followed by a 30-second upper-body relaxation cool-down, all performed on the vibrating Power Plate.

"Providing our employees with access to a Power Plate was a logical extension of a longstanding corporate commitment to health and fitness," said Ted Roth, president of Roth Capital, an investment banking firm headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif. "Today, you’re more likely to see a Roth team member grabbing a midday pick-me-up on Power Plate than making a two o-clock trip to the coffee pot or vending machine."

Using a patented, dual-synch driven vibration technology, Power Plate’s surface vibrates 25 to 50 times per second, resulting in corresponding muscle activation. Long touted by professional athletes and celebrities including Madonna, Roberta Flack, Cindy Crawford, Cher, Mark Wahlberg and Clint Eastwood, for a range of fitness and performance enhancing benefits, Power Plate’s advanced whole-body vibration technology has also been shown to have unique regenerative properties. According to multiple independent studies, the reflexive muscle contractions triggered by the vibrating Power Plate in turn stimulate the body’s natural production of the regenerative growth hormone that helps with tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, energy and metabolism throughout life, and has been medically linked to anti-aging.

For additional information, visit powerplate.com

As an ever-growing number of health-conscious companies around the world embrace Power Plate as part of their workplace wellness programs, the makers of Power Plate have announced plans to expand its FitStop programming to include three-, eight- and 15-minute exercise modules for each of four wellness categories – rejuvenation, focused relaxation, cardio boost and sedentary refresher. Power Plate is owned, manufactured and distributed by Northbrook, Ill.-based Performance Health Systems LLC, a global company delivering advanced technology solutions through its health and wellness equipment. In addition to its category-defining Power Plate line, the company has attracted international attention for bioDensity™, a breakthrough osteogenic loading system which provides a non-pharmaceutical approach to bone loss and has been scientifically linked to exceptional bone growth among populations ranging from high-performance athletes to health-compromised seniors. To learn more, visit PHSGlobal.com.