Power Plate Recognizes National Stroke Awareness Month, Shares Denise Baron’s Personal Journey on Her Stroke Recovery

Every year nearly 800,00 people – one every 40 seconds – suffers a stroke in the United States. Recovery can be a long and challenging process for victims – many of whom need to re-learn language skills, regain muscle control, and reestablish balance and walking function in order to be able to live independently.

Fortunately, research shows that whole-body vibration can help. According to a 2023 study (Yin, 2023)

"Whole-body vibration training has a positive effect on the balance and walking function of patients with stroke. Thus, whole-body vibration training is a safe treatment method to improve the motor dysfunction of patients with stroke."

 At Power Plate, almost daily we hear from users of our whole-body vibration platforms about the health and wellness benefits it brings to their lives. But recently we were especially moved by a story shared by Denise Baron, a Philadelphia-based entrepreneur and stroke survivor. Here’s her recovery journey:

Denise Baron’s Story

About six years ago, Denise was getting out of the car at a grocery store in Cherry Hill, NJ when “something didn’t feel right.” She relied on a shopping cart to complete her shopping but when she got to the checkout station she couldn’t open her wallet and realized something was significantly wrong.

She was rushed to the hospital and learned she had suffered a stroke.

“Having a stroke is easy” she joked, “recovering from a stroke, however, is not.”

Denise first used Power Plate in her stroke rehab therapy at Penn Medicine Good Shepherd and fell in love with it. Describing her first experience - “My brain just woke up,” she exclaimed. Throughout her nine-month recovery her therapy appointment always ended with a Power Plate session.

“I always wanted more time on the Power Plate,” she explained, but credits Power Plate with helping her manage post-stroke symptoms such spasticity, muscle functionality and pain management. Helping promote lymphatic drainage was another benefit. “Power Plate simply helps me feel better,” Denise said. “I get an endorphin rush every time I use it.”

“My brain fog also seemed to dissipate. Every health institution, gym and fitness facility should have one. This technology improved the quality of my life and made a huge difference in my recovery.”


"For over 20 years Power Plate’s whole body vibration has been used to both help assist building healthy habits that contribute to controlling conditions that lead to stroke as well as helping stroke victims recover mobility, strength and walking performance” said Power Plate CEO, Lee Hillman. “Denise’s recovery journey is a powerful example, one of which we are very proud."

To find out more about stroke awareness month, learn how to identify the warning signs of a stroke, and discover steps you can take to reduce your risk of a stroke visit www.cdc.gov/stroke/index.htm.