Power Plate Becomes Exclusive Official Vibration Technology Sponsor of Life Time Pickleball

Providing Best-in-Class Vibration Training to Facilitate the Largest Indoor Pickleball Activation in North America

CHICAGO, IL (May 2, 2023) - Power Plate, the global leader in vibration technology, today announced it is the official Vibration Technology sponsor of Life Time Pickleball. Through this sponsorship, Power Plate will provide its equipment in Life Time (NYSE: LTH) clubs nationwide to offer whole-body vibration to help pickleball players warm up faster and recover quicker, reduce injury and promote healing. 

“As pickleball continues to explode among people of all ages, it’s important to ensure they have mobility, balance, and strength to play their best,” said Lee Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems, manufacturer of Power Plate. “Through this relationship with Life Time, and optimizing Power Plate usage, we aim to support members in their preparation and recovery, just as we’ve helped athletes of all ages and skills in all types of sports and activities for more than 23 years.”

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America and Life Time owns and operates more dedicated pickleball courts than any brand in the country, with more than 500 to date and more added weekly. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, nearly 5 million Americans now play the sport and with this tremendous growth has come an increased need for players to avoid conditions such as plantar fasciitis and muscle strain that occur when players are not sufficiently warmed up prior to play. Pain, fatigue, and injury can ensue from a lack of recovery post-game as well.

Available in nearly every Life Time location, Power Plate’s unique whole-body vibration creates an involuntary muscle response that prompts muscle contractions of 30-50 times per second to prepare muscles for activity. Power Plate also increases circulation to promote recovery.

“We are very proud of our long relationship with Life Time and are excited to support their commitment to being the largest pickleball provider in North America,” said Hillman.

Power Plate also has a line of handheld, targeted vibration products which are portable, easy-to-use, and have been helping athletes, fitness enthusiasts and individuals of all ages to move better, feel better and live better.