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We recently asked our Power Plate Community members to send us questions that they have about Power Plate. There were some great questions, so we wanted to share them here as well. If you aren’t a member of our Power Plate Community Facebook group, click here to join us!

Question: I’d like to know which exercises and/or uses for each level of vibration? I do not use past 2 .. what are the highest levels best used for and why?

Answer: Levels 1-3 on the MOVE are best used for stretching and muscle activation. Levels 4-5 are best used for advanced balance and plyometric exercises, while level 6 is ideal for massage. We recommend using levels 1-2 if you will be using the static straps while standing on your Power Plate, and levels 2-6 if you use the straps while standing on the ground. Ultimately, the higher levels are used for massage and recovery following a workout. Please refer to this chart for more uses. 

Power Plate Amplitude Chart

Question: Are there ever any program updates for the my7 model? Possibly some for just standing and moving positions for senior citizens who can’t get down and lay on the plate. The times when on and off vibration periods.

Answer: We periodically have my7 software updates, but until then, please download our app and check out our "Healthy Living" and "Active Aging" workouts. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, just search 'Power Plate'.

Question: Do you have programs for osteoporosis patients?

Answer: Almost all exercises on Power Plate help improve bone density. Also check out this video for some examples.

Question: Do you have information about who should not use the Power Plate (age, type of injury, post surgery, etc).

Answer: If you are cleared for exercise, and can perform weight-bearing exercises, you are likely to be a good candidate for training on Power Plate.

Question: Are there any videos for using weights on Power Plate?

Answer: Please check out our social media (@powerplateusa) and our app where we post workouts using weights on Power Plate.

Question: Where can I find or who can help me develop a routine for fat burning?

Answer: Please check out our "lose weight" and "cardio" workouts in our app.

Question: How many times a week should you use Power Plate?

Answer: Power Plate can be used daily for warmup and recovery.

Question: What do the dots correspond to in terms of vibration. I'm up to 5 and I do gentle yoga and balancing exercises on the Power Plate. Is higher better if the body tolerates it? Is 6 the best or is there a benefit to using a lower number?

Answer: The higher levels are typically used for massage and recovery.

Question: Should Power Plate be placed only on the ground floor? I have mine on our second floor and my husband says it shakes the bottom floor during use. 

Answer: They don't specifically have to be on the first floor, but depending on the structure of your house that may be better. If you do notice excessive shaking, you can always try a Power Shield that goes underneath the plate to reduce any residual vibrations.


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  • Do you provide a list of exercises for use on PowerPlate?

    Mary Ann
  • Do you provide a list of exercises for use on PowerPlate?

    Mary Ann

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