What does the Power Plate REV sound like in action? How easy is it to use?

Hear the Power Plate REV in action.....The Power Plate REV is easy to use, even in flip flops with the comfortable "slipper clips." You start using it like a regular exercise bike, and then you flip a switch. The REV ROARS to life as you start working against resistance. This activates the biggest muscles in your body to a degree you have never experienced. For regular people, the result is tons of fat burned, because of the muscle activated. For elite athletes, greater levels of Vo2 max and lactate threshold. As we like to say, even if you have a super bowl ring or gold medal, the REV will push your entire body to a new level.  Read the research here.

There's nothing like this out there.  Use the code JACKIE20 to save 20% when you get your REV here

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