The Role of Vibration Plate for Lipedema Management

Medically reviewed by: David M. Joyner, MD, FACS

Living with lipedema is stressful on both the body and mind. As adipose tissue (fat tissue) builds up on the legs and arms, simple movement becomes restricted. This makes it increasingly difficult to treat the condition with lifestyle changes and leads to further complications from a sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this negative cycle of symptoms and effects can lead many down the wrong path to healing. After all, traditional medical treatments are time-consuming and expensive. And alternative treatments are a mixed bag—with so many dubious fitness products and miracle supplements surfacing daily, it can be hard to know what advice to trust.

This is why many lipedema patients are turning to vibration plates for an answer. Studies have shown whole body vibration can have significant positive results for reducing the effects of lipedema. 

When it comes to lipedema and vibration plates, understanding the medical condition and the unique properties of vibration therapy can illuminate what makes vibration plates such a promising option for improving body composition and reducing subcutaneous fat.


Understanding Lipedema

Lipedema is an abnormal buildup of fat usually affecting the lower body. Although it can appear in the arms, this is rare—more commonly, it involves the buttocks, thighs, and calves.

Symptoms of lipedema can include: 

  • Bumps inside the fat that feel like foreign objects under the skin
  • Mild to severe pain
  • Heavy-feeling legs
  • Swelling

Additionally, lipedema can complicate the ability to walk, making it more difficult to combat the condition naturally. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to compounding effects of anxiety and depression. 

Lipedema is often confused with lymphedema, which causes swelling from lymph fluid buildup. Similarly, lipedema isn’t the same as obesity. However, many people with lipedema have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or higher, which classifies them as obese, according to the American Cancer Society.

According to the Lipedema Foundation, the causes of lipedema are poorly understood. The only observed pattern so far is that the condition may be tied to hormonal changes, as it reportedly starts or worsens during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Current research is investigating the role of hormones, genetics, inflammation, and metabolism concerning lipedema.


Traditional Lipedema Treatment Options

Traditional treatments for lipedema range from simple lifestyle changes to invasive surgeries and therapies:

  • Lifestyle – Regular exercise can increase mobility and reduce the swelling of affected areas. In particular, swimming and pool-based exercises can take pressure off the joints. Heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory diets are also natural ways to prevent and mitigate lipedema symptoms.

  • Non-invasive – Non-invasive procedures for lipedema can include different types of massages, compression wraps, or a combination of both. 
  • Invasive – The most aggressive treatments for lipedema often include various surgical procedures. A typical procedure to aid with pain and mobility in lipedema sufferers is liposuction, a fat-removal surgery. If your BMI is over 35, your doctor may recommend bariatric weight loss surgery.

With a basic understanding of the most common treatments for lipedema under our belts, let’s look at the science behind using a vibration plate for lipedema management. 

Vibration Plates and Lipedema

Running counter to invasive treatments, a vibration plate can help mitigate symptoms of lipedema while improving quality of life.

Recent research has shown promising results that whole body vibration use boosts lymphatic flow. The vibrations from a quality vibration plate can effectively liquefy and drain stubborn excess lymph fluid during exercise due to the warming of the muscles. The increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage can relieve swelling and chronic pain in the areas affected by lipedema.

As a bonus, the use of whole body vibration can have additional benefits on your overall health, simultaneously improving your lipedema condition and total stamina, muscle strength, and overall fitness. Here are just a handful of the positive impacts whole body vibration can have for lipedema patients:

Incorporating whole body vibration into your daily routine can provide many benefits and improve the overall health and wellness of those affected by lipedema.

Implementing Vibration in Your Lipedema Management Routine

The use of a whole body vibration plate can be an excellent addition to your existing lipedema management routine. Still, it is not a cure-all replacement for other forms of treatment.

For best results, vibration plates should be combined with other treatments like regular strength or resistance training, an anti-inflammatory diet, compression garments, and lymphatic massage therapy. According to Dr. Karen Herbst of Total Lipedema Care in Beverly Hills, a complete, comprehensive treatment approach yields better long-term results. 

To begin reaping the health benefits of vibration use, professionals recommend easing into training and increasing your duration as you build strength. Start with 10-minute sessions on the vibration plate in the range of 25-30 Hz and gradually work up to 30-minute sessions. This will allow you to maximize your training efficiency while minimizing the chance of injury. 

As always, consult your healthcare provider to determine if vibration therapy is safe for you.


Power Plate: Your Partner in Lipedema Management

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