A Workout With Sylvie and Caroline To Sculpt Your Body, Burn Fat and Calories


When you exercise on a Power Plate with light weights in your hand, you give your body doses of super intense exercise.   

==>> This is called a compound exercise, where multiple muscle groups are worked out at once.  When you do a compound movement on a Power Plate you force your body to respond in a way that can change your body.

These doses of super intense exercise create signals to your body to grow, regenerate and heal.  (Bone, muscle, collagen, skin etc)

It's biohacking in the truest sense of the word. 

For 95% of us, it's very hard to get our body to trigger these signals. 

Power Plate helps you solve this problem!!

The 1200 vibrations every 30 seconds go through your body in 3D. 

When these vibrations come in contact with exercise it forces your body to respond that generates "growth" or"longevity" signals.   

For example, new natural growth hormone gets created. The cells that build bone get created.  (Osteoblast and Osteoclast)

These exercises below are easy to do, but have a profound effect.  The next time you are in your gym, grab some weights, get on the Power Plate.  You'll burn a ton of calories and fat, and you'll also feel great.   


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