The Real Reason That Walking Often Fails To Burn Fat (how to fix this in 2-4 weeks)

Probably the most important secret to losing "fat weight" quickly is this simple and odd idea: 

As a first step, you need to stop focusing on burning "fat" and start focusing on burning sugar.   

(This is probably the opposite of what we have heard over the years.)

In general, people who have a hard time dropping "fat weight" (as opposed to muscle weight) are storing sugar, and not burning sugar. 

Stored sugar turns into fat.

Walking alone will not help you make this shift.

You have to engage your muscles every day to help make this shift.   

==>>Your muscles need to be able to take the sugar from your blood and put them into the cells in your muscles.. 

To produce energy!!!!!!!!!!

If you are not doing this at the gym or in your home gym, using a Power Plate each day for 10-20 minutes can help your body make this shift.

How quickly can Power Plate help you body burn sugar the right way?   

According to new research out of a Japanese University, this shift can happen quickly, and with much less effort or pain than you might imagine. 

This study showed that overweight people could get to a point of "metabolic flexibility" by simply standing and squatting on a Power Plate for 10-20 minutes a day. 

The level of sugar going into cells and turning into energy (and not turning into fat) started to go UP almost instantly. 

Your legs, thighs, butt and core are by far the largest part of your body. 


If you see a Power Plate, turn it on and stand on it.

Bend your knees a little and then stand up. 

That's your starting point for using a Power Plate.

It's so easy. 

Your second step is add some light weights in each hand, which makes your muscles work a little harder. 

But keep in mind that the Power Plate is doing most of the work!!!! 

The 1200-1500 vibrations every 30 seconds are stimulating "reflex responses" in all your muscles. 

When you stand on a Power Plate for as little at 9 minutes a day, you are building metabolic flexibility. 

After you start turning sugar into energy better, THEN you can start burning more fat. 


You can take a Lumen, and breathe into this every day. 

After a week or so of using the Power Plate, you can breath into your Lumen and you'll see the number of sugar calories and the number of fat calories burned. 

As you get in better shape, and keep using the Power Plate, you'll see the percentage of fat burned (vs sugar) go WAY UP. 

So, by using the Power Plate, you'll store less sugar as fat, and then burn more fat over time.  Double benefit!! 

Additionally, you'll feel great and way less stressed in the process.   

Power Plate is a stress busting machine within about 60 seconds of use.  

This is important to highlight.  When you stand on a Power Plate, the 1200 harmonic vibrations every 30 seconds go into your muscles, through your tendons, into your bones and skeleton. 

==>> And then into your entire central nervous system.   The harmonic vibrations immediately interrupt the existing signals.

So, if you are experiencing stress, when you stand on a Power Plate, that stress will be interrupted. 

The 1200 reflex responses every 30 seconds are also powerful enough to trigger the production of new Growth Hormone in your body. 

Which leads to all sorts of things including more Nitric Oxide, which has massive vascular benefits.  And other feel good stress busting hormones. 

Because Power Plate makes you feel so good WHILE you use it, it becomes a habit very quickly.  You don't need motivation. 

So, either go to your local Life Time and use the Power Plates there OR buy one here for your home. 

Also, any diet you are on (such as Life TIme DTOX) when you add Power Plate use you will program your body to help KEEP the weight off. 

Better conditioned muscle in your body will burn more calories daily, automatically.  If you don't engage your muscles, you'll burn fewer calories automatically.   You can't just walk to lose fat weight. When you engage your muscles every day with Power Plate, you'll wish you learned all this you just read 10 years ago. 

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