The Best Massage Gun On The Market? It Depends On Who You Are...Here's Why....

If you are not a very strong athlete, the Power Plate Pulse is by far the best massage gun option out there. 

Paul Goldberg, who is our resident massage gun expert and head of our large retailer relationships, explains:

"The Power Plate Pulse massage gun is better than any other massage gun due to the range of speed options available.

The highlight feature is that speeds 1 and 2 are more gentle than other brands. 

This allows the Pulse to be used comfortably by a broader audience including those that are older or who cannot manage the power of other products.

The Pulse is also idea for those that have painful veins or joints, those that have recently had surgery or need surgery, those that are not thickly muscled (like a professional athlete or body builder), and anyone with muscle sensitivity in general.

The gentle speeds allow the massage to be effective without creating discomfort to the user and if the body heals, the higher speeds provide options for a more intense massage session.

Our happiest customers include the 50+ market, runners who have less body mass and find other brands uncomfortable to use, and anyone that can benefit from having six speeds with a range of performance.

Another reason our Pulse is the best is it’s the safest to use in a group setting due to our antimicrobial treatment.

It does not require regular sanitizing between users making it ideal for use in a physical therapy practice, at an event such as a running 10K or marathon, and even among families where multiple people from the household will use it during the day.

Think of the family with multiple children active in team sports using the massage gun at practices or games and teammates also want to use the Pulse. Only the Pulse has the antimicrobial treatment to protect all users."   

You may order your Pulse here.   

If you want to sell the Pulse in your stores, you gotta call Paul. paul dot goldberg at

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