The #1 Secret That'll Help Regular Golfers Hit The Ball Farther

If you enjoy playing golf, and take your game seriously, you'll want to spend 120 seconds watching the video below.  There is a lot you already know about your golf swing.  You have worked on your swing plane.  You have worked on your foot position.  You have probably developed the ability to draw and fade the ball at will, kind of. 

But there is 1 thing that you probably have not yet learned. And that is, learning some simple exercises to straighten and strengthen your spine.   The reason this is so critical, is that STRUCTURE GOVERNS FUNCTION.   When you change the structure you can change the function. As your spine gets stronger, your ability to make clean contact improves a great deal.  (This is the reason so many pro golfers use Power Plate.) In this video, Dr. Perry Camissa explains more and also gives you a simple exercise to work on.   

Important to note that Perry is an avid golfer.  We have a new Golf Package that includes a Power Plate MOVE, a full suite of Power Plate accessories, as well as an app that guides you through the exact exercises you need to improve your structure.  If you already own a Power Plate, you can get the Golf Upgrade Package here.


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