Strong Bones, Strong Body Program 45 Minute Learning/Training Session

Are you ready to take the first step towards building stronger bones AND a stronger body? 

Power Plate’s Strong Bones, Strong Body bundle is designed to help you naturally improve your bone strength. As the vibration engages with your bones, it is stimulating them to grow, improving bone strength and preventing reduced bone structure.

Strong Bones, Strong Body is a 6-week program designed to help you improve your bone health and increase bone strength. Master Trainer, Sylvie Patrick, designed this program to include 3 workouts per week using your MOVE and MOVE Stability Bars. Each week is new workouts, providing you with a total of 18 different workouts throughout the program. 

Watch this recorded Zoom webinar with Sylvie Patrick: Strong Bones, Strong Body Program Learning Session. This 45-minute virtual session will provide coaching for our ‘Bone Health’ Week 1 Workout 1 series.

During this 45-minute class, you will learn how to use proper form for the exercises we will use in the program. This includes a warm-up, activation with resting time, and cool down.


  • Thank you for sharing wk.1-session 1, Will you pls. share the following sessions?

    Janae Cunningham
  • Thank you for this workout Sylvie! How can I see the rest of the 6 week program?

  • thank you so much. Will there be more workouts for the following weeks?

    Marlyse Benitah
  • Will one of these sessions show me how to exercise/stretch/strengthen my neck?

  • THANK YOU, Sylvie!
    I have a MOVE and the PLATFORM under it and look forward to doing these workouts.

    Muriel M Hicks

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