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Tip Of The Day: If you are looking to reboot your metabolism in a fundamental way, Power Plate is the ideal way to bypass willpower and bypass a sluggish metabolism.  Because it does so much work for you, it helps to jumpstart your muscles, bones and metabolism-- WITHOUT a massive amount of willpower.

Do you feel like your metabolism suddenly stopped working? 
Like you developed a "metabolic blockage"?
Do you remember the time that happened? 
Maybe there was an event in your life or period of time that you can identify? 
If this describes you in any way, you probably feel like it is almost impossible to develop the motivation to exercise.
You might also be experiencing cravings that are "next level."   
Also, you can probably remember a time when you had the motivation to move and you were not thinking about food so much. 
The Power Plate is almost a magically ideal tool to help smash through a "metabolic blockage."   
One does not need motivation, just the ability to stick to a short plan. 
Not only is it easy to use a Power Plate to eliminate a metabolic blockage, there is also overwhelming scientific evidence that this will work for nearly everyone. 
Numerous studies on people of all stripes show that when someone uses a Power Plate to do very basic bodyweight exercises for 9 minutes a day, their resting metabolic rate (RMR) goes up "significantly."  (This is just one example).   
In most studies this happened in just 2 weeks. (!!!!)
When your resting metabolic rate goes up, you will have more energy and motivation.  Your cravings are likely to go down. 
--This does not mean you are going to lose magical amounts of weight instantly.
--This does mean you are going to have a TON more hope to get back on track with your life. 
No matter how bad things got for you-- and we know that things can get dark.   
If you are able to buy/find a Power Plate, do basic squats and planks for 9 minutes a day.
Every day for 2 weeks.. .you are going to feel better.  We promise! 

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