Partial list of benefits of Power Plate, backed by science

The Power Plate research team put together a PDF of the long list of benefits, backed by studies, that happen with the Power Plate. Here are a few:


Results suggest that, in 20-min training sessions, whole body vibration increased Energy Expenditure vs. no vibration by 22% and 20% respectively. Up to 20% better results through increased metabolic gains in the same amount of time.


Power Plate is used by over 80% of NFL, NBA and MLB teams and has been featured on social media accounts of Mark Wahlberg. Incorporating Power Plate to your routine provides an elite training experience at your fingertips.


Over the course of 8-weeks, athletes were randomly split into two groups, one group simply standing on the Power Plate 3 times per week and the other adapting no lifestyle changes. The study indicated that the Power Plate group displayed signicant increases in exibility. WBV was also shown to increase exibility while not altering explosive strength. Power Plate has been shown to increase flexibility.


Studies have indicated that Power Plate training can greatly improve balance when compared to conventional training, with up to an 13% increase demonstrated vs the 6% increase non-vibration training delivers. Furthermore,the improved balance has been shown across various age groups, which can aid in better fall prevention in older populations. Research indicates Power Plate training can improve balance and control by up to 13%.


Research indicates that exercise on the Power Plate can increase production of Growth Hormone (up to 460% increase over standard exercise) and decrease production of cortisol (up to 27% decrease over standard exercise), both of which greatly contribute to reduction of abdominal adipose tissue. Power Plate has been shown to increase HGH production up to 460% and decrease cortisol production up to 27%.



Research indicates the benets of whole body vibration signicantly increases blood flow, circulation and lymphatic ow while reducing cortisol. As well as helps to reset the body’s microbiome which can help to train our immune system to ght future issues. This supports the potential stress reducing benets of the Power Plate. Power Plate helps to ”boost” the immune system by reducing stress factors and aiding recovery.


Research indicates Power Plate has the potential to reduce pain and swelling associated with muscle soreness after exercise, and has also demonstrated positive outcomes for managing and reducing chronic pain.

  • Inflammation and OA:

The results suggest that whole body vibration training improves self-perception of pain, balance, gait quality, and inflammatory markers in elderly subjects with knee OA.

Data suggests that incorporating whole body vibration as a recovery/regeneration tool may be effective for reducing the pain of muscle soreness and tightness after strenuous training.


Studies have indicated that six weeks of whole-body vibration exercise improves pain and fatigue in women with fibromyalgia:

Whole-body vibration could be an adequate treatment for bromyalgia as a main therapy or added to a physical exercise program as it could improve balance, disability index, health-related quality of life, fatigue, and pain according to studies.

A pilot study by Indiana University researchers found that whole-body vibration exercise may reduce pain symptoms and improve aspects of quality of life in individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 

Here is the MOVE, our most popular Plate:

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