New Research Shows Knee Cartilage Can Be Regenerated More Than Previously Thought

Not all of you reading this needs to treat knee or joint pain, but every one of us wants to prevent it. 

What is fascinating is that there is a lot that scientists have learned very recently, and hopefully we can quickly get you up to speed on it. 

Key Point:  Scientists have discovered that the ability of humans to regenerate cartilage is greater than previously thought.  (link to new research

This ability/potential of humans to regenerate cartilage is so great that this group of scientists is looking to use this as a basis of regenerating human limbs! 

I came across this research in a discussion with the two people in charge of education and training at Power Plate.

Key Point #2:  As it turns out Power Plate is a tremendous tool to help both prevent and treat knee pain. 

When you turn the plate on and stand on it, it sends 30-50 waves of energy per second into your body. 

This causes muscles to reflex, 30 to 50 times a second. 

Essentially it's a workout done for you. But more than that, this loosens tendons and muscles at the same time. 

And when you use the Power Plate, just 60 seconds a few times a day, you help to trigger an array of regenerative processes. 

For example, when your muscles are being moved 30 to 50 times a second, this triggers a dramatic increase in growth hormone levels in your body.

Levels you had when you were way younger.

You start to be able to bounce back better. 

More collagen is produced, which you need to keep your joints working and feeling great. 

According to Power Plate Senior Scientist Scott Hopson:

"Crucial to note that once the cartilage is ‘gone’ (bone on bone) there is no coming back.

The key is to lay down new tissue while you can.

Also joints are no more than ’space’. Key to creating and maintaining said space is…mobility (your ability to have motion) and stability (your ability to control that motion). One with out the other is a train wreck.

Power Plate is deeply powerful at creating and controlling space. This helps prevent the wear and tear on the cartilage in the first place." 

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