New Jersey MD Uses Power Plate To Reverse Osteoporosis

Many of you have seen Dr. Joel Fuhrman on PBS over the years teaching people how to increase their nutrient levels.

When people increase their overall nutrient levels, all sorts of great things can happen. People lose fat and become healthier.

What you might not know is that Dr. Fuhrman is also an expert at reversing severe bone problems in patients.

Even people who cannot move that much or move much more slowly than they used to.

In very simple terms, when you increase the "mechanical load" on your body, this stimulates the various cells, hormones and proteins that build and re-grow bone.  

This helps to prevent falls, builds muscle, mobility, agility and more.

This article on his website explains more, and we are working on getting him on video to speak directly to us about the work he has done in this area.  

There are doctors like Joel around the country, and we will continue to highlight the amazing work being done to help people with Power Plate technology.

No what your age or physical goals, the number 1 thing to know is that your bones can be made stronger and more dense at any age.  

You can avoid shrinking and hunching over.

Dr. Fuhrman uses Power Plates in his office in New Jersey.  The new MOVE is a home version as powerful as the Plates used by doctors and therapists around the country and world.

Not only does this technology help stimulate bone and muscle growth for all ages, it also helps people get out of pain.

When we experience physical pain, it is usually in our muscles. We overdid things.

But did you know that the tendons are what you REALLY need to target to get out of physical pain? Your tendons sit between your bone and muscle.

And they contain tiny strands of collagen that get tight and cranky, especially as we get older.

When you apply waves of vibration to your body, it helps to loosen up your tendons. Like putting dry pasta in hot water.

After a few minutes, your tendons loosen up and this sends a signal to your muscles to relax. Looser tendons are a "green light" for your muscles to relax.

You don't need drugs or supplements! If you are near a Lifetime Fitness or an Equinox, both those gyms have Power Plates for everyone to use.

You can also get one at home for as little as $99 a month.

If you play golf or tennis or ever feel sore after exercise, when you start using a Power Plate you will not stop.

Just standing on it for 60 seconds will help you experience the "ahhhh" that this technology is famous for.

The more you exercise ON it, the more you stimulate your whole body.

If you use it more than 5 minutes a day, you'll also boost natural growth hormone levels 500 to 2000%.

This directly leads to greater collagen production in your entire body.

Over time your skin will become thicker due to more collagen being produced. And your joints might feel better because more collagen is available to keep cartilage levels intact.

There are 8 key benefits to this technology which you can read about here.


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