Mike B - REV Interview

We asked Mike a few questions about his experience with the Power Plate REV. Here are his answers: 

How do you utilize Power Plate?

“So the way I use it in my workout and I try to do this workout three or four times a week, I start out by 5 to 10 minutes of stretching and muscle activation on the Power Plate. After that, I get on the REV and I do that for 10 minutes, where I’ll do a HIIT cycle, so a minute without vibration and then a minute with vibration. I’ll do that five times each.

After the ten minutes, I get off and then I start my weight workout. Because my heart rate is going at that point, I do my weight workout rather quickly and I’m keeping that heart rate up, so I’m increasing the efficiency of my whole workout”

Training with the vibration on the REV delivers maximum cardio, strength, and wellness benefits in a minimum amount of time, while providing increased muscle activation.

How does the vibration feel?

“It’s unbelievable. First, you’re doing regular spinning, it’s just like any other spin bike. Then you put that vibration on and all of a sudden you say, ‘Whoa!’ I am really working hard here…Once the vibration is on, and I can feel that I am working twice as hard.”

The patented VibeShift™ Technology delivers consistent, safe, precise, and predictable effective vibration through the pedals to maximize the intensity of your workouts.

Why do you recommend the Power Plate REV?

“Because it gets your heart rate up and your cardiac output up so fast. Unlike a normal spin bike or an elliptical or anything else, you’ve got to be on it for quite a while before you really get up to those heart rate levels. On the REV bike, I can get up there in just a matter of minutes, where I get my heart rate up to 120-130 and I’m working hard the whole time. And then what it does, it increases the efficiency of my entire workout.”

When compared to a traditional fitness bike, the REV delivers a 43% increase in calf activation, 138% increase in glute activation, 144% increase in hamstring activation, and a 167% increase in quad activation.

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