Madonna Dancing On A Power Plate MOVE

Madonna has helped change the discussion around exercise and aging.  She’s been an advocate for doing whatever it takes at any stage of life to be fit, and many media articles have mentioned that Power Plate® has been part of her discussion over the years.  

The most recent example was some interesting video images she shared on Instagram recently. For those of you who own a Power Plate we thought you might find this interesting.   In her video, she uses a Power Plate MOVE.   

A New York Times Magazine article in 2006 states that she used a Power Plate to help her recover from injuries sustained in a horse riding accident in England. 

Another article in 2009 claims she took phone calls on her Power Plate.   She is an innovator and has helped change the discussion around multiple topics.  We are thrilled to be part of her fitness journey.

Since the Power Plate was first launched, a steady wave of research has followed. Our technology helps with bones, metabolism/fat loss, brain health and nearly every aspect of fitness.    

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  • Does this help with arthritis. And could it hell with hand and foot pain?


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