Leap Fit Studio's Secret Weapon: Power Plate REV

Leap Fit Studio in Dalston, UK is the focus of the article as the world’s first Power Plate REV studio, delivering unique vibration-enhanced group cycling classes. Owned by three-time British long jump champion JJ Jegede, Leap Fit positions itself as ‘The home of progress’ – a commercial performance studio that attracts elite athletes and members of the public alike, with a strong focus on results via tailored workouts, nutritional advice and personalized support. JJ was first introduced to the REV when he was invited to take part in filming for the new product he was immediately won over by the new bike’s patented VibeShift™ Technology, which maximizes workout intensity by delivering consistent, safe, precise vibration through the pedals. “The moment I got on the REV, I knew it was going to be a game changer,” he says. “I never planned to have a cycle area at my gym, but this machine made me re-evaluate. I didn’t just want a couple of them on the gym floor. I wanted a whole studio.”


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