Kevin LOVE's his Power Plate

We just love this feature in Architectural Digest of Kevin Love's Wellness Room


As a center and power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, it is part of Kevin Love’s job to stay in tip-top physical shape. But the athlete is also an advocate for mental health, and in a new video, he welcomes AD into a corner of his Ohio home which is completely dedicated to caring for both his mind and body. (His longtime girlfriend, model Kate Bock, also makes an appearance, helping him record the self-taped spot.)

In his wellness room, the NBA star has a hyperbaric chamber, an infrared sauna, a red light therapy device, a bed for vibration therapy, a Power Plate, a large inflatable circle called a Waff, which he uses for meditation, and, of course, some candles to set the mood for yoga and pine-scented incense to remind him of his native Oregon. He uses the various equipment depending on what his body needs to recover from strenuous training sessions on any given day, and while navigating the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental aspect of his self-care routine has been especially vital."

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