Inspiring Story Of Using Power Plate To Recover From A Stroke

In 2014, Joe Feyereisen had an unfortunate encounter with a manta ray in Cancun, where he contracted full body sepsis from the marine toxins of its stinger. As a result of the sting, every major organ experienced damage, including the liver, pancreas, kidneys, heart, and eyes. Joe lost the use of one eye and 7 of his toes. Shortly after, he suffered a stroke that affected the entire right side of his body.

Following his stroke, Joe needed to re-learn how to swallow, how to talk, and even how to use the bathroom again. He also needed to learn how to balance and regain the use of his right arm and leg, which used to be the dominant side of his body.

During his recovery, Joe worked with Xavier from Xcellent Solutions LLC, where he was introduced to Power Plate. At first he was skeptical, but after seeing results, he is a believer in Power Plate. Joe works with Xavier two times a week. Initially, their goal was to get him used to standing on a Power Plate MOVE for 9 minutes at a time. Now, he is able to do mini squats, assisted drills off the plate, and is even walking from his front door to his patio door!

The Pulse has also been crucial to Joe’s recovery to stimulate blood flow and activate his muscles. Xavier says, “soon he won’t need my help at all! This is all thanks to Joe’s determination to get back on the ski slopes... and Power Plate!” Joe is currently working hard to achieve his goal of being able to ski again. We look forward to watching him continue to make progress towards that goal using Power Plate!

As a formerly avid skier, it is Joe’s dream to be able to hit the slopes again someday. Joe says: “We are way beyond what the doctors anticipated... I’m thankful Power Plate is part of the process.”

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