How To Use A Power Plate (And Try One For Free)

There is a secret to getting out of most physical pain, and most people don't believe it until they try it.

If different parts of your body hurt all the time, it's almost certain that you don't know about this secret that is hidden right out in the open at the top gyms in America.

The Power Plate is a large vibrating platform that you stand on or sit on. If you are or have been a member of Lifetime or Equinox you have probably seen these big machines with the words Power Plate written all over them.
Here is the secret.....when you stand on the Power Plate, and turn it to setting 3, the machine starts vibrating 40× a second.
That means in just 30 seconds if you stand on it that's 1200 vibrations, and this is the start of a magical process.
That's 1200 times that your muscles are being forced to contract. And here's where it gets VERY interesting if you are in pain...
Your muscles are connected to tendons which then connect to the bones.
Your tendons as you get older, or you do a lot of repetitive stuff tend to get pretty tight and cranky.
==>>Tight tendons play a role in nearly ALL physical pain that keeps coming back.
As those waves of energy flow through your body they flow through your tendons.
These comfortable harmonic waves help loosen up your tendons. Whenever you see a Power Plate in the gym, turn it on and stand on it for a few minutes.  
There's NO other method to get your tendons to loosen up like this. Even the deepest deep tissue massage can't do this.
Massage is great for getting into muscles, but it can't get to the ROOT cause of most pain.
The more you use the Power Plate, the more TIME on it, the more time the energy has to go through your body and loosen up tendons. Kind of like hard pasta boiled in hot water.
It softens up your tendons and muscles and you experience relief.
When your tendons are more relaxed, they then are able to tell the muscles that it's OK to relax as well, they say "hey guys it's OK now."
Not exactly like that but in biological speak that's exactly what happens.
And what happens next is even more interesting...
The second part of the "get out of physical pain equation" involves your nerves. You have about a TRILLION nerve endings in your body.
==>>You can essentially "trick" these nerve endings into having you stop feeling pain. Here is how this works....
The same process where your tendons are getting loose, those 1200 contractions in 30 seconds basically overwhelm your pain signals.
INSTEAD of those nerves using their energy to tell you that there's pain in a part of your body, those nerves get "hijacked" and are busy dealing with these waves of energy coming in.
Again, you can very quickly experience relief, and then every time you go to the Power Plate for more relief you train your body to get super loose.
Another crazy interesting thing that happens is during the same 1200 contractions every 30 seconds, your levels of natural growth hormones start to go through the roof.
Your BONES also get stronger, because muscle and bone work together.
As muscles weaken, bones weaken. As muscles get stronger, bones get stronger. Your joints also start to work better.
The Power Plate really is the "bring you back to life machine."
This is why famous doctors like Dr. Joel Fuhrman use the Power Plate with patients and endorse it so strongly.
The big Power Plate that you have seen at Lifetime Fitness or Equinox gym are $15k each.
If you are not a member, ANYONE can walk in and get a free day pass. Especially now.
Do this, and use the Power Plate for 10 minutes. Just stand on it, and see how you FEEL.
Most people are genuinely blown away about how they feel after using it. You feel great.
==>ATFER you try it, you'll most likely want to get one for your home. We have made this easy and also VERY affordable. There is now a version that you can get at home for about $116 a month using a buy now pay later program, you could literally change how you feel in your own home every day.
🙌 “It’s a form of anti-aging technology that will help keep you young” ~ Dr. Fuhrman, NYT Best-Selling Author
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The low-impact vibration waves of a Power Plate are proven to increase your bone density, reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall muscle strength.
Here’s how:
✅ Gentle vibrations stimulate the deep muscle fibers that often go untrained with traditional exercise.
✅ Each of these tiny vibrations stimulates the various cells, hormones, and proteins that build and re-grow your bones.
✅ The combination of both helps you to greatly improve your strength, balance, and flexibility, even well into old age.
The result?
Being able to move with confidence, and do the things you love - pain-free.
But we know that to understand the benefits of vibration technology, you have to experience it for yourself.
So to give everyone the chance to eliminate aches forever from the comfort of their home, we’re offering a discounted price on our Power Plate products!

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