How To Play Golf With Less Pain and MUCH Greater Range Of Motion (Video)

“The Power Plate is the single best piece of exercise equipment I have ever used! My body has never moved this well and I have made a huge improvement in my golf swing. I have never felt better!”

-Paul Stankowski, 30 Year PGA Tour Pro

Did you know that there are 25 million golfers in the US? And 60% of them play with enough physical pain to PREVENT a proper golf swing?  The reason that PGA Tour pros use the Power Plate is that it quickly loosens tendons which them relaxes the muscles.  It also helps with better balance and helps your brain "remember" how to swing the correctly.  Watch this video to learn more. (Click here to get on the waiting list for your own Power Plate, click here to learn the full list of benefits of having a Power Plate in your home.)

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