How To Help Stop Shoulder Pain To Keep Playing Tennis

Bob Black, 74, is an enthusiastic tennis player who was introduced to Power Plate and John Sitt after struggling with back and shoulder issues. John is certified personal trainer, exercise therapist and founder/owner of Full Circle Fitness.  Bob noticed pain in his shoulder when he was serving in tennis, and found that by the time he had warmed up, his shoulder was too fatigued to play in a match.

Bob’s wife suggested he start working with John . John was able to create a personalized program for Bob using Power Plate that targeted his shoulder and back. After training with John and Power Plate, Bob’s shoulder recovered and he noticed better posture. He also saw great improvements in his strength and conditioning, flexibility, and overall athletic capabilities. Now he is enjoying the game more than ever. Power Plate addresses issues like back and shoulder pain by promoting circulation to the area. Just five minutes of massage to the troubled areas using Power Plate, which can be done before or after your workout, has been proven to increase blood flow and circulation, which is important for repairing muscles, recovering after exercise, and improving oxygen supply.

About Power Plate, Bob says, “It’s a no brainer, especially as you get older and you have these aches and pains and you want to still sustain your athletic intensity and conditioning… it just makes for a much higher quality of life.” 

Click here to watch Bob’s story.

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