The Exact Way Power Plate Helps Anyone Build Extra Muscle Quickly (Seniors AND NFL Players)

When you incorporate Power Plate use into your strength training routine you can build more muscle, quickly, especially as you get older. 

How does this work?

==>The key word here is PLUS.

The main idea to understand here is that any activity that you do PLUS the Power Plate gets you a MUCH more intense workout, very quickly. 

For example, with a simple push up or plank, at 40Hz you are getting 2,400 contractions of your fast-twitch muscles per minute of push-ups PLUS the number of engagements of your larger, slow-twitch muscles for each push-up you perform. 

This will rapidly increase circulation, blood flow and hormonal production to increase performance and bring you to total muscle fatigue MUCH faster.

20 pushups on a Power Plate are going to give you a much more intense workout than 20 regular push ups for example.  

For those of us getting older, any age, more muscle means more and better life.

The average person is often intimidated by the idea of building muscle.  Our job at Power Plate is show that it is easy and also highly effective

A great way to show how effective the Power Plate is when you add it to your strength routine is to show you some of the people who use it. 

The strength coaches at many of the top Division 1 and NFL teams use Power Plate for a variety of purposes.

They use it for warm up and recovery. They also use the Power Plates in their training centers in between sets when strength training. 

This allows athletes to recover between sets, which allows for more muscle engagement and a more intense workout.

Alabama Crimson Tide, Chicago Bears, Colorado Buffaloes, New York Giants, New England Patriots. etc etc. The players and trainers all use the Power Plate.   

We know the average person is not training for a sport.  But we mention this to show everyone that Power Plate does work to build muscle. Muscle that you need for every day things, like picking up a grandkid or taking a load of laundry up the stairs.   

Being able to get up off the ground if you fall.  Because your body is being destabllized when you use the Power Plate, you develop new balance and motor skills.  Quickly. 

We all know that practice makes perfect.  With Power Plate, your neuromuscular system is “practicing” 30 – 40 times per second, giving you the best opportunity to improve your movement patterns and perform better. 


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