How The Power Plate Works (Quick Intro To The Science)

Power Plate is a very unusual product and we find that people like to understand how it works. 

The most basic thing to understand is that there is a powerful engine in every Power Plate that vibrates in 3 dimensions at once.   Up to 50 times per second. 1500 times every 30 seconds.  

This is so fast, and will help anyone engage muscles, bones, tendons and more. 

They key problem Power Plate solves is that intense exercise is really good for us. But for most of us, intense exercise is hard.
Power Plate is a "delivery mechanism" for intense exercise. When your body starts to absorb this vibration, that sets off a chain reaction of powerful benefits.

It does not matter how in shape you are, or how motivated you are. 94% of pro football teams use Power Plate. People who are "old, tired and sore" use Power Plate to feel better, move better and have more energy. 

Power Plate helps everyone. There is nobody who can't benefit from "exercise done for you."  

This totally unique process helps create waves of energy that flow through you.  These waves of energy do all sorts of important things.

One key benefit is that these waves of energy flow though your muscles, into your tendons. 

All of us, our tendons get tight. When we move too much, move too little or simply get older. 

As these waves of energy flow through your tendons, tight tendons get looser and more relaxed.  Your tendons sit between larger muscles and bones. 

They act like a circuit breaker.

When your tendons get too tight, they serve to shut things down.  You get tight and you experience tightness, pain and fatigue.  That's the tendons trying to protect you from hurting yourself. 

When your tendons get less tight, you can experience some quick relief. 

For most people, Power Plate helps people feel better, quickly. Our best in class technology feels good to use. Pretty much anyone can use a Power Plate and feel good.

Another interesting thing that happens is when you step on a Power Plate and start to get your muscles to reflex and contract up to 1500 times every 30 seconds, this tiggers your entire hormonal and endocrine system.   

Here's how:

Muscles work hand in hand with bones. As muscles get worked out and start to get stronger, this tells your bones to do the same. 

Osteoblast and osteoclast production increases.  These are cells that take collagen and protein, break them down and turn them into things that make your bones stronger and more flexible.  This is critical for all of us as we get older.   

Stepping on a Power Plate also helps to increase production of Natural Growth Hormone.

Naturally produced growth hormone (GH) maintains bodily functions such as tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, bone density development, skin thickness, energy, and metabolism, throughout life.   GH helps the body work the way it did when we were younger.   

Think of Power Plate as an external energy source that you can plug your body into.  The "refresh" that you feel is your body working better. 

So yes, one can get out of pain and stimulate muscle that will burn more fat.

Your base metabolic rate will increase, and you'll burn more energy and calories each day.  But, your entire body will start to work better as well.

9 minutes of simple squats, plank, pushups or yoga poses will help the average person get into a better fitness baseline.  You'll plan on this 9 minutes every morning, ideally.

Additionally, many people have the MOVE in their homes, between the living room and kitchen for example. 

It's so easy to walk over and turn it on whenever you want to feel better.  Even a "bad mood" can bet fixed when you spend a couple minutes just standing on a Power Plate. 

Because it's easy to use and feels good, it's very easy to get in the habit.  When there is a machine in your house that is so easy to use, you are going to use it. All the time.  Dogs will often jump on the plate with you. Cats also.  When people come over, they'll want to try it.

If you want to dig into the science of all this, we have 50 different research studies available

Our largest and most powerful units are available at most Lifetime and Equinox gyms.  Some clubs offer you a day pass to try their club, where you can use the Power Plate.  Others charge for a day pass, which is well worth the visit.  

If you turn the Power Plate on to the lowest setting and stand on it for 5 minutes, odds are you'll feel really good after.  You get the benefit of a really great workout, and you'll feel this. 

For those of you who are already more familiar, you can take a look at our most popular home unit, the MOVE.   This is available for as low as $116 a month, using our buy-now pay-later financing option. 

We are also a very hands on company--and we do want to hear from you. 

When you read about the benefits, they do seem too good to be true.  This is why we encourage people to try the plate if possible. 

But if you want to try at home, we offer a 30 day guarantee and make it as easy as possible to do this. 


  • They have this at the ymca. I can say for sure that it gets rid of fibromyalgia pain.

    Debra Kontol
  • Age 60 & up. Our center just got this. Recommend posters or videos & where to get age appropriate information.

  • Want to buy the My5 for my home use but husband can’t believe how expensive they are. How does the Life Pro compare to Power Plate?


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