How Power Plate Increases Collagen and Elastin Levels In Your Skin (Sometimes Dramatically)

Power Plate usage leads to increased levels of collagen and elastin in your skin and body. 

This reduces sagging and wrinkles over time. And other key cosmetic benefits, in addition to key health benefits.

There are two basic steps in this process, and two research reports which show the proof.

1. Standing on a Power Plate for 10 minutes has a dramatic impact on skin blood flow.  The level of blood that flows to the skin increases significantly when you send the waves from the Plate through your body. (source)


This is a big deal for Type 2 Diabetics. Getting more blood to your feet can mean that you keep them in severe cases!  But it can also have tremendous impact on your skin tone, appearance of cellulite.  Here's why....

2. When skin blood flow increases, this leads directly to increases of collagen and elastin in your entire body. (source)  This is helpful to maintaining healthy arteries. 

And every other major part of your body.  Your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels all benefit from increases in collagen and elastin production. 

According to David Jaimovich, MD "if we delve further into the other physiologic processes that occur in the body when we increase blood flow, we can see that there is a direct correlation to the increase in blood flow and the increase in collagen and elastin. We also know that the body naturally makes collagen, but this production decreases with age."

As we get older, collagen and elastin production decreases.  Using the Power Plate helps to increase skin blood flow which helps to boost collagen and elastin. 

Remember that Power Plate use also increases levels of Natural Growth Hormone. Which in turn ALSO increases collagen production in the body. 

As well as key sex hormones. Which in turn are important for heart health. All these processes are connected. 

If you use the Power Plate for cosmetic reasons-- for better looking skin, less fat, more tone, less cellulite-- you are also doing something that helps your core health.

Spas in both Asia and Europe use Power Plates in their spas.  It is viewed as a beauty device in those areas. In the US it has traditionally been used as a fitness and health device.   

==>It is also now available for home use. The Power Plate MOVE is the most popular home version.  The Personal is smaller, portable and fits all budgets. 

What makes Power Plate unique is the engine that moves in 3 dimensions at once.  This post explains the technology in detail.

Now that you understand the science of how Power Plate helps us stay young looking, comments like these make more sense:

"I love my new Power Plate. Even after only 2 weeks on Power Plate I can already see a difference in my legs and stomach. It is really working, everything seems so much firmer. I love the fact that I can see results in such as short time with such little effort!"

- Elle Macpherson / Model

"I love using Power Plate as part of my fitness regime as I can do a really intensive work out in such a short space of time. As a working mother with a hectic work schedule, using the Power Plate machine helps me stay in shape without having to spend hours in the gym."

- Claudia Schiffer / Model

"I think the Power Plate is the fountain of youth!"

- Stevie Nicks / Singer 

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