How Power Plate Helps with Neuropathy Symptoms

The technology behind Power Plate can help stimulate nerves and bring blood flow to the skin. Both of these are essential tools in the quest to solve the Peripheral Neuropathy puzzle.

The underlying physiological principles that make Whole Body Vibration an effective drug-free therapeutic for Peripheral Neuropathy are well established.

There is a large amount of experience from those who have used Whole Body Vibration to improve both diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and platinum-induced PN following chemotherapy.

There are also numerous studies included at the bottom of this page, that show the positive effects Whole Body Vibration has on PN symptoms.

The Science

In short, Whole Body Vibration is proven to boost distal blood flow as well as skin blood flow.

Increases in vascularization, including microvascular increases, can reduce damage to nociceptors that are believed to be the source of nerve impulses causing the painful tingling and numbing sensations that are the hallmarks of Peripheral Neuropathy.

This, in conjunction with Whole Body Vibration’s ability to improve proprioception through improved neuromuscular communication (primarily in the legs, which are the body's greatest source of feedback data for proprioception) can lead to improvements in the balance and gait issues that are common amongst those with PN.


There is no established clinical protocol for use of Whole Body Vibration for Peripheral Neuropathy. However, to maximize increase in blood flow to lower extremities, Power Plate users should emphasize standing on the plate with knees bent, and if possible, perform isometric squats.

Placing one's feet on the plate while seated in a chair is another way to target the benefits of vibration directly to the feet.

In general, benefits of Whole Body Vibration can begin in as little as 2 minutes; however, clinical literature supports 10 mins of Whole Body Vibration as an acute therapeutic dosage (this can be broken up with rest periods of up to 1min. Example: 1 min of vibration followed by 1 min of rest, for 10 repetitions). If well tolerated, three times per week could be an advisable protocol. 

Anyone interested in using Whole Body Vibration for Peripheral Neuropathy, should, of course, speak first with their healthcare professional to ensure they are cleared for WBV exercise.

Take a look at these studies that show the connection between Neuropathy and Whole Body Vibration.

Study 1  Study 2  Study 3  Study 4

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