How Power Plate Helps Solve/Unlock Deeply Embedded Whole Body Pain

Did you know that the vibrations from a Power Plate are so powerful you can see them on an ultrasound machine?

This is important, because these powerful vibrations can hold the key to unlocking pain that seems to not go away.

Or keeps coming back. 

How does Power Plate help solve pain?

1. One of the first and most important ways is helping to loosen up tendons.  Tendons sit between muscle and bone.

When they get tight, your whole body does not work as well. 

The 1200 vibrations every 30 seconds, that are powerful enough to show up on an ultrasound, flow through your skin, muscles and tendons. 

Tendons are made up of helix-shaped collagen fibers and they can't be massaged like muscle can.   

The harmonic vibrations help to loosen your tendons in a completely unique way.

A few minutes on your Power Plate every day helps to loosen tendons the way boiling water softens hard pasta.   

Most people don't know this. In fact, if you google "how to treat tight tendons" you'll see that exercise and yoga are the 2 most recommended treatments. 

But what if you are too sore to exercise or do yoga??!!   

You can see the unique role Power Plate helps in this equation.  Not only is Power Plate ideal for warming up your body for exercise--it IS exercise. 

2.  The waves of energy from the Power Plate work to stimulate, contract and relax your muscles. 1200 times every 30 seconds on average.  These waves go through your whole body, and start the process of unlocking deep muscle pain and tightness. 

A few minutes a day on the Power Plate in your home is going to be a habit that will help you feel better.

Even if you are heavier, you'll feel better physically.  This will help start the process of moving more and burning more fat for energy. 

When your muscles are activated in this manner, your body starts to take more stored fat and use more of it for energy. 

Power Plate also helps you use all your muscles, especially smaller ones that might not have been used in a while.  This is key to restoring balance.

3. When your tendons are looser, your muscles less tight, and all the small muscles are turned back on and activated, you have the foundation of less body pain.

Small muscles that have been "turned off" get turned back on again. 

This helps to very quickly improve your stability and coordination

In older people, this results in less risk of dangerous falls. 

Even in the biggest and strongest people, many small muscles are turned off.  

4. Power Plate also helps you experience rapid pain reduction. The reason is that with these 1200 contractions every 30 seconds, your nerves get stimulated. 

This stimulation overwhelms the pain signals, and you feel relief.   Quickly.

Not only are you are in less pain and all your muscles are working again, but your brain is also better synched up with your muscles. 

This improves your reflexes and your eye hand coordination.  This is why young athletes do so well using Power Plate during training. 

You'll hit a golf ball better just using the Power Plate every day.   

The Power Plate my7 is our top of the line home unit.  If you already own a Power Plate, make sure to use these 3 handheld vibration devices to help targeted pain in your body. 

We have a new Whole Body Pain Relief program starting soon, stay tuned for exact dates and sign up information

How does one get started with Power Plate? 

Our introductory model with the same 3D engine is the Personal Power Plate. At 35 pounds it is portable and can be put in a car.  The Power Plate MOVE is our most popular home model and can be used by every member of the family. (Even the dogs and cats!).  Many Pro sports teams use the Pro 5 and the Pro5HC.  Elite gyms like Lifetime and Equinox make the Pro7 available to their members.   These can all be purchased on our website for home use.  


  • I would like more info

    Jeff Starkman
  • Is there a disadvantage to using the power plate if you have mild arthritis? I was so excited to get my power plate. I used it for nine minutes ( probably too long for the first time and I then proceeded to have tremendous pain in the sacrum area of my back for three days . It was terrible. .

  • How do I use the floor model which I have for my 80 lb dog who has arthritis? I love my machine


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