How Power Plate Helps Solve The Problem Created By Yo-Yo Dieting

Nearly everyone knows how to lose weight.  An equal amount of us have experienced "the dreaded yo-yo."  Where the weight comes back, quickly.   

The primary cause of the yo-yo is usually an over-reliance on portion control and cardio.  Combined with an under-reliance on muscle activation, toning and strength.

Muscle is the key to developing metabolic flexibility, which helps one stay naturally lean and strong.  And escape the yo-yo cycle.

Here's the problem: how do people who are not normally comfortable with weight lifting and weights, develop enough muscle strength to develop metabolic flexibility?   

This is where Power Plate comes in.  This is the reason there are Power Plates at nearly every elite gym.  The vibrations of the Power Plate help to activate and strengthen your muscles. 

It's the ideal starting point for someone who is not a weight lifter. 

It's also ideal for people who simply do not care for the gym. (There are more of us than anyone thinks!).

You can do a plank for 60 seconds on a Power Plate, and then do 60 seconds of squats.  These simple exercises, every day, will help develop strength. 

You also don't need motivation.

The 1200 vibrations every 30 seconds force your muscles to react.  It creates a "reflex response" where your muscles contract on a subconscious level. 

ANY force or resistance that you add to the equation will be multiplied and accelerated. 

For example if you add some small weights to each hand and do some very light squats, you'll start to accelerate the amount of resistance that your body has to respond to. 

Very light weights can help do this.  You'll find that you'll get to a minimum effective dose of strength training VERY quickly.   

Over time you'll develop more muscle and less fat.  Which will also help create stronger bones.   When you focus on more muscle, less fat will be the result.  You don't need to think about it.  When you have the right strategy, what once was a struggle becomes simple work.   

You'll find that as you use your Power Plate at home, you'll start to get motivated to do other activities.  You'll say yes to tennis, yes to that hike or that walk.  Or run! 

In fact, it has been proven in research that Power Plate helps remove abdominal fat and keep it off. (source).  

Power Plate puts power into your body.  It's a tool that helps with your journey toward metabolic flexibility.  Many gyms have one.  Click here to find one near you, and try a Power Plate today.   

This is the Power Plate model at Lifetime Athletic, where you can also enjoy a nice sauna after you try the Power Plate. 

This is the most popular Power Plate for home use.  


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