How Power Plate Helps Create Stronger Athletes With More Endurance And Explosive Power

A key idea with Power Plate is that the super-fast, 30 vibrations per second help to sometimes double or triple the force that is created with a movement or exercise.

==>>Whether you are using just your body or are adding weight to the plate, you are multiplying this mass times the acceleration of the plate.

So, if the plate is vibrating at 30 times a second, and you are a 175 pound man doing squats with 25 pound weights in each hand-- the force created is going to be significant.

The force that is created is going to be a multiple of what would result without the Power Plate and without the acceleration. 

Force = Mass x Acceleration

Below is a summary of what happens when any athlete adds Power Plate, adds acceleration to their training. 

The increased force helps to force adaptation.  The adaptation results in a superior athlete.  (And also a better healed, better recovered and less injured athlete.). 

The Impact of Power Plate Training on Strength

It is well established that acceleration training on Power Plate improves both strength and power. (Through the 2-3x increase in force.)

The neuromuscular system adapts and develops strength, as well as influences health and function, in the following ways: 

  • Increased strength, enhanced power, improved explosive power, and boosted neuromuscular potential, with synchronized activation of type I and type II muscle fibers

  • Better proprioception, coordinative abilities and balance, and enhanced sensory- motor feedback systems

  • Improved endurance, oxygen uptake, increased Vo2 max, lactate threshold, working heart rate and muscle oxygenation, collectively resulting in an enhanced level of recovery

  • Better core activation and improved joint stabilization, which are the foundations of force production

  • Promotion of anabolic hormonal states, including an increased production of human growth hormone, testosterone, and IGF-I, as well as a reduction in cortisol.

    Power Plate generates a mechanical vibration, which activates the body’s muscle reflexes. The physiological response causes rhythmic and repetitive muscle contractions, allowing the body to adapt and become stronger. 

Now, imagine what acceleration training can do for the everyday person? 
2-3x more muscle activated, fat burned, vagus nerve activated, lymphatic system activated.


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