How Power Plate Can Help You Run Marathons

When Kostas Poulakidas qualified for the Boston Marathon, he wasn’t expecting that an injury 4 weeks out would hold him back from being able to run. Due to a muscle strain that cramped his muscles to the point where he had to stop running, Kostas was close to pulling out of the Boston Marathon. He couldn’t get past mile 5 of his training runs, let alone finish 26.2 miles.

27 days before the Boston Marathon, Kostas was introduced to John Sitt of Full Circle Fitness in Glencoe, IL. John is certified personal trainer, exercise therapist and founder/owner of Full Circle Fitness.  As an elite level trainer, John Sitt is an avid Power Plate user and has helped numerous clients recover from injuries using Power Plate. For 27 days, Kostas and John worked together to prepare for the marathon. John put together a training regimen to address Kostas’ injury; 90% of the routine was done using Power Plate.

After working with John and Power Plate for 27 days, Kostas was able to run in and complete the Boston Marathon. Kostas describes Power Plate as “a game changer,” and recommends it to everyone who may be dealing with an injury that they are struggling to overcome. He credits Power Plate for being able to help him get across the finish line.

Power Plate is an effective tool for runners to use in preparation for races. A recent study sought to determine the effects of whole body vibration on sprint kinematics using Power Plate. Subjects were divided into two groups and participated in a 6-week training program, one group using Power Plate and the other not. After 6 weeks, the whole body vibration training group showed significant increases in their speed and step length.

No matter what goals you are working to achieve, Power Plate is here to help. Whether it be to finish a marathon or improve bone density, Power Plate is a lifelong health partner.

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