The #1 Alternative To Pain Medication According To The CDC

New research published this week (November 22, 2023) shows that 54 million American adults are in enough chronic pain to use medication to treat the symptoms. 

What's interesting is that more than 60% of people are not just relying on medication alone.

More and more people are using exercise as the #1 alternative to medication. 

In fact, only 1 in 4 people are now using medication alone to treat pain.  

The CDC, who gathered this data, recommends "maximizing" medication alternatives, with exercise being the #1 recommendation. 

Interestingly, the FDA has been warning about the dangers of Advil type medications for almost a decade.  The advice is clear and the data shows that people are moving in this direction, away from medications and toward exercise and alternate modalities like chiro, massage etc. 

==>>This is where Power Plate plays a critical role.  If you are in pain, it hurts to move.  When you explore why, tendons play a key role at keeping pain in place. 

The 1200 precise harmonic waves every 30 seconds go through your skin, into your muscles the through your tendons.   

This loosens up your tendons in a unique way.


It's easy to massage a muscle.  It's hard to massage tendons. It also hurts. 

Tendons are made up of "twisty" strands of collagen fibers that look sort of like a DNA triple helix sequence. 

Tendons sit between muscle and bone and kind of keep your whole body intact. 

Loosening up tight tendons is a very clear step one to solving chronic pain. 

Just standing, squatting, planking, sitting on a Power Plate is going to send these 1200 comfortable precision waves through your body every 30 seconds. 

These 1200 waves help to loosen the tendon fibers much like boiling water softens hard pasta. 

For 99% of people, Power Plate is going to be the first step to solving chronic pain.  Once you start getting your tendons loose, you are going to move with less pain. 

A new cycle will begin for you.

A few minutes a day on the Power Plate in your home is going to be a habit that will help you feel better.  

Even if you are heavier, you'll feel better physically.  This will help start the process of moving more and burning more fat for energy. 

When your muscles are activated in this manner, your body starts to take more stored fat and use more of it for energy. 

Power Plate also helps you use all your muscles, especially smaller ones that might not have been used in a while.  This is key to restoring balance.

When your tendons are looser, your muscles less tight, and all the small muscles are turned back on and activated, you have the foundation of less body pain.

Small muscles that have been "turned off" get turned back on again. 

This helps to very quickly improve your stability and coordination

In older people, this results in less risk of dangerous falls. 

Even in the biggest and strongest people, many small muscles are turned off.  One reason NFL players love the Power Plate.

More and Interesting:

Power Plate also helps you experience rapid pain reduction. The reason is that with these 1200 contractions every 30 seconds, your nerves get stimulated. 

This stimulation overwhelms the pain signals, and you feel relief.   Quickly.

Not only are you are in less pain and all your muscles are working again, but your brain is also better synched up with your muscles. 

This improves your reflexes and your eye hand coordination.  This is why young athletes do so well using Power Plate during training. 

You'll hit a golf ball better just using the Power Plate every day.   

Everyone needs a Power Plate at home. It's too useful not to have one.  We have a VERY good deal going on right now if you do not currently have a Power Plate.  Click here to take advantage.

Also, please reply to this post and ask questions in the comments section below. I use the Power Plate every day, and love to share my own personal story with people about how I've use it to eliminate Metabolic Blockages.    

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